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Russian and Polish (meaby other Slavic languages too) for dick, penis. Often mispelled as huj. Just like shit in English it can be used to describe both negative and positive feelings. Also used in one of the most common Polish insults: "Chuj ci w dupe" (lit. "dick in your ass", meaning similar to "kiss my ass bitch")
Chuj z tym! (Fuck it!)
by AC December 07, 2004
means penis
ty chuju pierdolony
chuj Ci na imie
chuj Ci w plecy
chuj Ci w dupe
chuj Ci w krzywy ryj
z chuja spadles?
do chuja niepodobne
do chuja psa
chuj Ci do tego
chuj bombki strzelil
liz moj chuj
chuj Ci na grob
by przechuj June 07, 2004
to chuj is to penetrate someone externally and draw blood
joe: dude, i chujed the shit out of you.
bobby: no you didn't! oh my god that's a lot of blood!!
by danielleabear&herpes October 04, 2010
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