A Guy I Know I Will Never Get. Imma dreamer and he makes me a believer. Dis guy...dis guy is amazing and he just don't know it.
Tina: Ayye, look its beef
Me: Who?
Tina: lls its Christopher
Me: (smiles rilly hard) yea i Kno..I Kno, he rilly is da beef. i only wish...daggg, i only wish..
by AIDAS OALA November 26, 2011
Christopher is a brilliant guy with the ability to love unconditionally, even if it means giving up something he desperately wants. He does have a temper, which comes out sometimes and can be scary or funny. Is always a big flirt and a jokester. Impossible to forget and ever a goofball, he will make you love him before you even have a chance to question it.
He will make your life worth living
Wow...Christopher has changed my life
by addyonsgirl May 29, 2012
Talk about a Dr Jykle and Mr Hyde. One minute Christopher is down on himself and hating the world but give him some space and maybe a nap and he is the greatest guy to be around. Christopher has a great smile, gorgeous eyes, and is a real charmer (expecially with the ladies) in his Jykle phase. Extreamely generous and always thingking about his friends and family. He's a real dilly of a guy and you will find him a real pickle if you try to figure out what he's thinking. You have to be able to handle that love hate relationship to handle your Christopher but, if you can, he is so worth it.
"That could be a good idea, in a Christopher kind of way."

"Lets weigh the Christopher before making that decision"
by PicklesLove September 14, 2011
Christopher..... One Of The Most loving And Caring Guys Youlll Ever Meet, At First Youll Be Close Friends But After Awhile you will Fall For him... Even Though You Go Through Hard Times he Will Always Try To Be There.. And When He Is Not He Gets Mad and Upset At Himself For Not Being With His Girl.. Lovely,Kind,Sweet, Tall, Dark, And Handsome. Brings A Whole New meaning To All Of Theses words. Gives You A Whole New Perspective On Life. He Will Love You For A Life Time.
Girl 1: Look At Him He Is Wonderful
Girl 2: I Know! He Is So Loving and caring
Girl 3: I KNow He Reminds Me Of Christopher
by Summer3275 March 25, 2012
chris is outRAGEously cool. Has the voice that would melt girls hearts and is a very charming man :) Loves to jerk people on but in a kind hearted way. Makes me laugh even if he doesnt beleive me yet, Wouldnt change him at all
He's quite fond of goose's
me:How ya going?
christopher: Not as good as you :)
by goosey5000 April 27, 2011
A tall, funny guy who is amazing to talk to. The kind of guy who is honest with you and who understands your crazier moments.
'I was doing my happy dance and that guy saw! But it's okay, he's a Christopher so he understands."
by bubblesandcheese March 27, 2012
Probably the most awesome person you'll ever meet, is a ninja, and is very good with the ladies
why do you need an example? you know it to be true, Christopher is just amazing
by Zorath1998 April 24, 2013

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