A very cute and handsome young boy.He is so FUNNY!Very athletic and strong.A Christopher is a amazing man with a great sense of humor.He is always honest and very trustworthy.Christopher is fun to be around.A Christopher will cheer you up if you are sad.A Christopher is the perfect boy.
Christopher is a great young boy.
by Hello peeps!!!hi hi hi November 24, 2014
He is the sweetest and the most adorable American ever. He will go out of his way to help the ones he loves and always have his out for that special girl he wants. He falls in love easily but manages to stay strong. He is a very attractive person with eyes as beautiful as the nights sky. He is very caring and protecting. You're lucky to find a Christopher
Christopher is just so damn beautiful
by ARehd September 10, 2014
Christ-bearer. HERO. Hercules. Humble. Leader of men. Protector of family. Moral compass.
Do you know Christopher? Yes, his load is heavy but his path is narrow.
by whatwouldVINCEdo? August 25, 2014
Christopher is the basic being of Christ directly descended from Emma Watson's vagina Christopher also has the biggest dick ever,nobody is bigger...including OG mudbond he is literally the best at everything...he doesn't try to be the best...he IS the best even at spreading goodie holes and poppin cherries Christopher also controls Chuck Norris
Let's go to church and praise CHRISTopher
by Iamjesusbrooooo March 05, 2015
Smelly little poop! But you have to love him.
Constantly on his man period. And an argumentative twit.
"Nope you're wrong, I'm right"
"woteva Christopher."
by BananaToe January 30, 2015
One who brings hatred to the thought of those who execute actions that he is against; for example, jealousy.
He's being such a christopher.
by MostWanted December 14, 2013
A lover of all types of sausages
I love sausages!
Are you a Christopher?
by I_WANT_LOUKANIKO4lyf October 25, 2011

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