Christopher's are lovely, intelligent people. Known to like films and reading, and quirky names that suspiciously sound like batteries, such as epsilon. They tend to sleep during the day and stay up all night, rarely if ever falling asleep. They like actors such as Andrew Garfield (a little too much) Most Christopher's tend to have many look a likes. They tend to eat fish as their staple food. Though not the best smelling people, they do wash on a daily basis, despite efforts the stench remains. If you do have a Christopher in your life, try your best to keep him smelling nice, it might be worthwhile to have a priest round also to deal with any satanic ways that your Christopher might become accustomed to.

- SOME have good taste in music perhaps.
also scared of aliens.
Christopher: "I showered today, but still stink"

"I would melt if Andrew Garfield kissed me"

"I am a satanic bad smelling epsilon loving person"
by iima July 02, 2012
An amazing outstanding boy who is extremely kind and attractive. When you fall in love with a 'Christopher' you will forever. 'Christopher's' have naturally large genitalia. They are a match for somebody who is a 'Lucy'
Wow, i love him because hes such a christopher
by bigcuddleorlicclecuddle May 08, 2011
very sexy, tall guy. one of the most random, funny guys you will ever meet. fun to talk to. knows how to make a girl smile. not a mean person, BUT is a whore.
christopher gets around.
by vcmifjdnvujvbnufj July 20, 2011
A gamer who is a huge troll in every aspect of his life. Daily activities, trolled. Life, trolled. Work, trolled. (Troll=Goofing around)
"You are a complete troll christopher."
"I need you to stop trolling and do this christopher!"
by JChapman13 June 07, 2013
Christopher is a natural born bassist, a passionate hat-collector and spaghetti lover!
Person1: Dude, do you know Christopher?
Person2: You mean that boy who calls his bass his girlfriend and brings spaghetti to school for lunch? ..Sure i know him, he kicks ass!
Person1: And what's about the hats he's always wearing?
Person2: Some people say that his hats are war trophies, others say he stole them from the wallmart...
by TheGreatHuman January 28, 2012
Is awesome, funny and Intelligent. A inner geek. Finds going "commando" really, really, comfortable. He makes me smile and laugh. He's an extremely sexy person, even though he denies it. I am proud of you. Love you.
by ddseastar February 16, 2010
A very cute and handsome young boy.He is so FUNNY!Very athletic and strong.A Christopher is a amazing man with a great sense of humor.He is always honest and very trustworthy.Christopher is fun to be around.A Christopher will cheer you up if you are sad.A Christopher is the perfect boy.
Christopher is a great young boy.
by Hello peeps!!!hi hi hi November 24, 2014

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