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Talk about a Dr Jykle and Mr Hyde. One minute Christopher is down on himself and hating the world but give him some space and maybe a nap and he is the greatest guy to be around. Christopher has a great smile, gorgeous eyes, and is a real charmer (expecially with the ladies) in his Jykle phase. Extreamely generous and always thingking about his friends and family. He's a real dilly of a guy and you will find him a real pickle if you try to figure out what he's thinking. You have to be able to handle that love hate relationship to handle your Christopher but, if you can, he is so worth it.
"That could be a good idea, in a Christopher kind of way."

"Lets weigh the Christopher before making that decision"
by PicklesLove September 14, 2011
A tall, funny guy who is amazing to talk to. The kind of guy who is honest with you and who understands your crazier moments.
'I was doing my happy dance and that guy saw! But it's okay, he's a Christopher so he understands."
by bubblesandcheese March 27, 2012
An amazing outstanding boy who is extremely kind and attractive. When you fall in love with a 'Christopher' you will forever. 'Christopher's' have naturally large genitalia. They are a match for somebody who is a 'Lucy'
Wow, i love him because hes such a christopher
by bigcuddleorlicclecuddle May 08, 2011
Christopher is a natural born bassist, a passionate hat-collector and spaghetti lover!
Person1: Dude, do you know Christopher?
Person2: You mean that boy who calls his bass his girlfriend and brings spaghetti to school for lunch? ..Sure i know him, he kicks ass!
Person1: And what's about the hats he's always wearing?
Person2: Some people say that his hats are war trophies, others say he stole them from the wallmart...
by TheGreatHuman January 28, 2012
very sexy, tall guy. one of the most random, funny guys you will ever meet. fun to talk to. knows how to make a girl smile. not a mean person, BUT is a whore.
christopher gets around.
by vcmifjdnvujvbnufj July 20, 2011
One who brings hatred to the thought of those who execute actions that he is against; for example, jealousy.
He's being such a christopher.
by MostWanted December 14, 2013
A gamer who is a huge troll in every aspect of his life. Daily activities, trolled. Life, trolled. Work, trolled. (Troll=Goofing around)
"You are a complete troll christopher."
"I need you to stop trolling and do this christopher!"
by JChapman13 June 07, 2013