The sweetest, HOTTEST, funniest man you will ever meet. Christopher has the most beautiful eyes in the entire world. He is very talented and very smart. He takes good care of himself and everyone around him. Sometimes he seems like a knob, but he has the biggest heart in the whole world. He is romantic, thoughtful, and super sexy.
If you do not feed him every three hours he may get a little cranky. Just feed him ketchup and he will be wonderful again!
Christopher is my soul-mate.

I love Chris!
by chickachickachicka February 14, 2012
The latin being Christos-Philo. Christos=annointed and Philo= lover of. Lover of the annointed or Annointed lover. Either way Christophers deep down strive to live up to the moniker. Usually going by Chris when young and reclaiming the whole name with maturity to honor their mothers who chose the full regal version at birth. A bolt of lightning combined with the cool of the ocean breeze. Christophers can knock your socks off in the bedroom and out party the most die hard of ragers be it bong or booze. His lampshade gets bigger the longer the party goes yet can hold his own going fist to fist. A lover's lover and a fighter's fighter. Weaknesses include vagina, marijuana and a cold beer. If he has a thousand dollars on a Friday morning it will become $2.78 by Monday night.
That Christopher guy from the bonfire last night had the dankest herb and he left in that van full of girls to go to a private afterhours.
by Rukha da'Q March 18, 2011
The name of an amazing, cute, awkward at first guy who can make you laugh all the time. Gives good conversations, fun to talk to and extremely BEAST. He's nice, and smart and you can talk to him about almost anything, the day you meet him will be worth it, one-of-a-kind type of guy.
"Hey did you meet that Christopher guy?"
"Yeah, he's soo cool n.n"
by someonecoolbro May 22, 2011
Christopher is an amazing guy. Usually tall, very handsome and pale. Christopher's have a very great sense of style, they also have a smile that is to die for. Very talented and passionate about what he does. He strives and doesn't give up. Though he can look mad all the time he's really isn't. Can be kind of awkward and shy but in a really cute way. Not the type of guy that always has a different girl. Christopher's usually get to know one girl and then date her for a long period of time. They prefer a long solid relationships. They have really big hearts, but keep their feelings to themselves because they are afraid of getting hurt. It is really easy to open up and talk to a Christopher they are so sweet and inviting. But on the other hand they can be very seductive. You might think they're so innocent ,but they're not. Once they are in the mood. it's on. But they're good with sexual pleasing so let them do their thing. You'll be satisfied.No doubt. Let them kiss you and be with you. There is nothing better then being loved by a Christopher.
Stella:"Hey remember Christopher?"
Lucy:"From summer? yeah what about him?"
Stella:"He's my favorite."
by LiveFree0000 November 06, 2011
Christopher is the most caring and loving person ever. He is drop dead handsome and veryyyy romantic. Id never trade my Christopher for anything. I am following him too college and encouraging his dreams. When we get married im having his kid. I want to grow old with him. He makes my heart skip so many beats and makes me dizzy. I hope everyone finds a soul mate that is as perfect to them as my Christopher is to me. He is my best friend, boyfriend, and fiancee. Im blown away by his talents, and i always like to brag about how wonderful he is. To people it is very clear we are in love. I beat myself up inside when i hurt him, he deserves perfection.
1. What drug do you take?

I take Christopher.

2. Christopher is my lover.
by Angel912 October 16, 2011
He is the best guy ever. He may have a temper if someone makes him mad and upset but deep down he is the sweetest person ever. He is outgoing & can make anyone laugh. A Christopher has a very open and amazing personality. He is sexy && a great kisser. They can make your day a little brighter .(:

They love to be by your side through everything and when your down they are there to build you up.

The can break you down but they will regret it.

He is great at everything && in bed ;)
You will always have fun with a Christopher (:

He loves his girlfriend Kaitlyn .<3
As his girlfriend is lonely Christopher will call and brighten up your day !
by katie-lynn(: April 19, 2011
Christopher means bearer of Christ. They are gorgeous men who were obviously gifts from some higher power. A Christopher will make you smile by sending you cute little texts when he knows you're asleep. He'll appreciate all the little things you do to try to make his day. He'll text you until the sun comes up even if it means sacrificing a full night's rest before a long day. He'll talk you to sleep even when he knows he's not supposed to be on the phone. Once you hold the heart of a Christopher, you'll be transferred into the dream princess story you grew up hearing about. He is Prince Charming. He will go out of his way just to make sure he tells you that you're beautiful at least once a day. Keeping a smile on your face everyday you have with him becomes his permanent goal. You can't help but fall in love with a Christopher.
I absolutely love my Christopher <3
by Evalyn Gabriella July 23, 2012
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