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often "Chris"
named after holy "Christopherus"
Christopher Culumbus (discovered america and thought it was india...)

Christophers want to explore
They aren't afraid to travel into foreign countries

Christopher, who you often call just "chris" might be the best friend and at the same time the greatest love you can find. It starts with these summers where you just hang around with others, eat pizza on rooftops and listen to jack johnson while cooling you're feet in the pool. the more you get to know him the more you realize he is not just a good friend - he is exactly the person you searched for so long.

Sometimes Christophers pretend to be exrtemly cool and funny. the stuff they do to impress the little girls are often comletly akward in you're eyes.but if you want to get a Christopher you have to look behind this mask.

there you'll find something so adorable an lovable that you fall for him in seconds.

On the inside Christopher is often insecure an doubts himself. but he although has the gift to be so kind and lovely that you feel completly safe with him
he cares more about his friend than about himself and wnats everyone to be happy - so that he sometimes forgets about his own needs and wishes.

So if there is any possibility to get a Christopher for a friend ore lover this migth be the chance of you're life.
Take him and do everything to keep heim. He'll never let you down! Trust him an love him - you won't regret it
by little pink present February 07, 2010
The most amazing guy out there. Very deep and talented, Christophers make for the best conversationalists. Although sometimes they can be very mean without realizing it, they don't mean it. They don't have the best sense of humor, but some people (specifically the crazy type) can understand the jokes. They're not very emotional, and they won't change that about themselves. They worry about others much more than themselves, and hate knowing that they hurt someone else. They are very calm and laid back, and if you make them mad they cool off by the next day.
Hey, you know Christopher?
yeah, what about him?
I'm gonna marry him someday (:
by AGirlInLoveWithChris:) October 02, 2011
Christopher is the most amazing guy in the whole wide world. He makes people smile more than they will ever know. They usually lose someone very close to them and may fuck up along the way, but still they have too big of a heart for their own good. Usually fall in love with girls named Sadie who of course love them back.
" Man that Christopher is one great guy"
by ScantilyRad April 22, 2010
The nicest guy in the world. He slowly keeps into your heart and warms your soul with the gentlest of ease until you feel like you never want to let go. He catches you by surprise with kisses in elevators and nights with the soundest of sleep. When trying to leave the bed he can pull you back with just the simplest of glances... yes, he is a keeper.
A Christopher is Lance Armstrong, Peter Vanderkaay and Steve Prefontaine all rolled up into one.... just YES!!
by head over heals November 07, 2010
Sumone is caring. Loves everyone around him unless you rub him the wrong way. Tall, handsome and very sexy. great in bed and loves doing things for his woman. Christophers and very cool and they don't take shit from punk ass baby daddys. I luv u Chris... s&c
My man is the effing best. His name is Christopher.
by silentsleeper April 18, 2010
There is no real definition of the name Christiopher there's the meaning behind it and symbolizes "one with christ" But what a Christopher really is, is a bit different...

The negative side of a Christopher is a slacker, forgetful, picks favorites, girl crazy, selfish, secretive, and can be a total douche bag too! But not ALL of it is negative there are some of a positive side to him which maybe sometimes is hard to believe considering that he comes off as being a heartless jerkface.

Yet he can be sensitive on certain subjects, funny, sweet, stubborn, lives for the moment, takes living life to a whole new level by trying to obtain every opportunity he gets, he also is a loyal boyfriend too for he will NEVER cheat on his girl for anything or anyone.
That is why if you have a Christopher, then keep him close because even though he might slip up from time to time he'll make it up to you. And if you're patient enough you'll get to see who he really is... A best friend who will support you when you are sad, or make sure you have a good time, and occationally blast both yours, and his ears out with really loud music just because he tries to have fun. Even if that means screwing around with your head for his own entertainment but then again what would the world be if there were no Wierdo Christophers?

The answer to that question is... that this would be a boring place to live in!
Maddison "Savvy whats wrong?"
Savvy "Oh nothin its just Chris..."
Maddison "what did he do this time?"
Savvy "Well its not what he did its what he is doing"
Maddison "And what would that be exactly...?"
Savvy "He's being a Christopher"
Maddison "Say no more! Thats good enough of an explination for me"
Savvy "Tell me about it..."
by The Moon's wolf October 01, 2010
Christopher's tend to by shy individuals, but don't be fooled: when a Christopher emerges from his shell, it is like seeing the brightest, heart-warming rays of sunshine, on a rainy, cloud-besmirched day. His shyness acts as an obstacle in getting to know him, but don't give up. Once you know him, you'll discover that he's one of the most thoughtful, witty, intelligent people that you will ever encounter. Sometimes, when you're nattering away, to him, it may seem like he's not listening, but truth be told, he's always listening. Arguments and debates are his strong points (you can almost, never win.) He makes you smile, and laugh inadvertently- you don't even realise you're smiling, until he points it out with a magical, charming chuckle, in his voice. You feel like you could easily spend the rest of your life, in blissful contentment with him, even through the arguments, and the fights. In a nutshell, he's everything you've been looking for.
Girl: I wish my guy could be more like Christopher.
by Cinderella3000 December 26, 2011