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Chowder and Soup Hybrid.

A Rachael Ray portmanteau.
Rachael Ray's Harvest Creamy Corn with Parsley recipe is a Choup.
by Altonfan October 17, 2007
4 2
Word to describe vomiting or any object leaving through the esophagus. Better than "throwing up" because when you puke, you really aren't pitching much.
Sorry, dude. Just ate a buncha fried jalapeno slices and saw the man from the greyhound bus. I need to go to the bathroom, lean and cho up.
by HBelle July 15, 2008
0 2
Hot resin that gathers round feltching straws
billy got on his knees to suck out kirstens choup before it mixed with her turd
by dude May 19, 2003
6 13