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to be intimate with a lady and make love rather than have rough dirty sex!
would one like a harvest?
#sex #shag #gobble #love #lady
by D. B May 02, 2006
the act of spontaneously reaching down the back of your pants with the objective of obtaining lint from between the cheeks of your butt, specifically the upper crack
ex. Joe- "How was the harvest today" James- "Pretty good, i got a good amount of lint and oddly an orange peel"
#harvest #lint #butt #ass #harvast #crack #fuzz
by jfm1324 July 11, 2010
to poop. comes from the phrase crop dust as in to "harvest" the crops.
#crop dust #harvest #poop #poo #toilet
by weethead April 27, 2009
(v.) A gathering and exchanging of information about prospective clients. This informatiion is passed on to junk mailers, telemarketing comapnies, spammers and anyone else on the payroll of some rich company.
Harvesters roxx0r j00 boxxx0r. Spam yummy.
by Gumba Gumba May 25, 2004
The first human colony to fall to the Covenant. When it was found, it was found to be shiny and smooth, the result of plasma bombardment
Only one badly damaged ship returned from the search at harvest, speaking of an unstoppable alien force
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005
an inane politically correct term used to describe the killing of a game animal by a hunter
jerome harvested a nice 6 point buck on saturday
#hunting #nra #pheasants #bucks #winchester
by rockycomfort October 05, 2007
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