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The show that single-handedly redeemed Cartoon Network. Created by CH Greenblatt (aka Fred Fredburger), it takes place in the wildly colorful Marzipan City, featuring all kinds of imaginative creatures, all named after food. The main character, Chowder, is a purple cat-bear-rabbit-thing, who is an apprentice for Chef Mung Daal, a strange blue man. There's also Shnitzel, a big rock monster who only says "radda" but is still cool in some way. The whole show is like an acid trip, and features humor that appeals to children AND adults.
Chowder is one of the best recently created cartoons.
by mowub February 12, 2009
coke.cocaine. POWDER cocaine //chowder
you been doin that chowder?
by lien July 16, 2004
Tracked out powder that is choppy and tough to ride. Sometimes it can be rained on and frozen over to create crusty chowder.
We were hoping to ride some powder but the weather turned and all that was up there was the chowder.
by iantmcg March 14, 2012
Word to describe oral sex towards a female or another phrase is male chowder or MC'ing, oral sex towards a male.
Is all about the chowder maaaaayyyn!!!
by Leinad eel nosbig July 31, 2011
Someone who thinks that they're the coolest dude on earth, but totally isn't. They think that everyone's their best friend, they're hilarious, good looking, good at everythin, and generally not a failure at life. THEY'RE WRONG'


Someone who says "theywanna cock" (A clever play on words of the song "I wanna rock") and uses the phrases "That's what she said" and "Dude, listen" at totally inappropriate times.
Get out of here Chowder, nobody loves you and you'll die alone.
by Jack Stevens February 07, 2008
Indeterminable stain or remnants. Usually on clothing or face.
Dang, I've got some chowder on these fresh jeans.

Dude, you've got a bit of chower on your chin.

Where the hell did that chowder on my passenger seat come from?
by Pocket Beatnik January 20, 2008
another word for semen
Would you like some chowder for those chesticles?
by Sean October 11, 2003