Those girls in Florida that take makeup tips from Vampira and fashion tips from Kelly Bundy. By 15 they are the illegitimate mothers of 5 different kids by 5 different deadbeat underachieving papi chulos, and they can be seen frequenting the Mall of the Americas, in line at the welfare office, or feeding their babies Cheetohs and Budweiser. They're called cholas/cholitas in California, Chavettes in England, Neds in Scotland and Skangers in Ireland.
You see that chonga over there, Candy? The hospital said her baby Tuffy's brain was 80% formed, but Candy figured that was pretty good because 80% is like a B- and that's better than anything she ever got on before she had Tuffy.
by your dog March 24, 2008
Hispanic females with heavy accents when speaking english usually seen wearing large gold hoops bigger than their face, along with loads of gold bangle bracelets that clank anytime they slightly move their hands and/or arms as well as a gold necklace on which they have their name. Tending to have overly manicured nails the size of their face as well. They tend to use scrunchies as clothing to reveal every inch of their body leaving nothing to your imagination. Having to buy bottle of hair gel and hair spray every week to maintain their bangs plastered to their foreheads while haivng it pulled back in a tight, usually high ponytail while having the loose end in curls, which tend to be natural. They can been seen at times with belly rings containing cherries or some sort of obscenely slutty reference. their cell phones can be seen with covers containing the emblem of Louis Vuitton, Baby Phat, Chanel, or any other brand which may seem expensive.
"Oh mah gaw gir, did juu see wha he dith?! Oh no, He have no idea who he messin' wit. I'm goin to call Juan and Carlos to come beat his ass! And that beesh he be messin' wit has no idea wha she be in for! I jus got my nails done, pero I don't care! If I break a nail, oh no, juu don know! She gon' get it soooo bad!"

Look! It's a chonga! My goodness, can her skirt get any shorter?!
by Sasha Marin January 27, 2006
A chonga is a girl normally a hispanice girl .. who wears really tight us top pants and a big tshirt .. they were there hair stuck to their scalp and their earings are big enough for you 2 put an arm through ....
Did u see those girls hoop earings??Shes such a chonga !!
by Miszpinky January 31, 2006
The Spanish Version of the already well known Hood Rat.

A chonga is ghetto.
She acts tough and sometimes can be quite slutty.

She disses girls who she believes are inferior to her. She glues her hair down and wears fake gold hoops.

also look up chongalicious or hoodrat
by DollFace1950 August 15, 2008
a cheerleader at murphy that says shes not mexi even though she is. she also uses chocolate bronzer
jessy: "have u seen sandra today?"
shannon: "yeah she looks like a total chongaaaa."
jessy: "heard that!"
by squarehead13 November 24, 2010
A young hench looking guy who walks around on fields doing relatively nothing, he may or may not hang out with a someone who looks jamie hyneman. A chonga would usually smoke a high quantity of weed.
You look like you lift while high, must be a chonga.
by Bawlz June 11, 2013
A CHeese ONion and GArlic bagel found at Starbucks restaurants in Oregon and Washington.
I'll have a Chonga bagel toasted with cream cheese. Refered to as an Everything with Cheese Bagel in all other parts of the United States
by DrD July 03, 2013
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