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The Fat Funny Friend. The syndrome in which one finds themselves in when you may be considered slightly chubby/overweight and must rely solely on your sense of humor to gain any type of social status.
Lisa: Diane is so funny, I love having her around

Tina: Yeah she's hilarious, I like having her around because she keeps the conversation going, provides everyone with laughs, but none of the guys are into her

Lisa: Yeah, she's the Triple F in our group of friends
by Samponanna April 22, 2009
An act of refreshing your facebook every 3 seconds in hopes that someone/or something has been posted or added on their page. Often stems from feelings of utter boredom or extreme loneliness.
Ashley: Sam has actually been staring at the same facebook page for like three hours now

Anna: Only 3 people have confirmed her party so she keeps refreshbooking to see if more accept. They wont.
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
A special type of nut that sprouts from unusually large male genitalia. Looks especially marvelous when cradled in a loose and baggy pair of sweat pants
"I can actually see his mashooganuts from a mile away"
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
Occurs when both parties are so trashed that hooking up immediately after both have hurled and probably look/taste disgusting still seems appealing
Anna: I just saw Brittany throwing up. Where's Steven?

Sam: I don't know, I just saw him puking too. He looks really gross.

Anna: Ugh they're probably having a hurling hookup
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
An adjective which can be used for anything that is fugly, smells like shit, looks like shit, or in general is shit
"His penis totally smells like Chonga"
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
Scared Of Pussy. A guy (or a girl, take it as you may) who is overly pompous about their sexual skills and game yet has not taken the plunge into any sexual venture. This behavior suggests the person is scared of pussy

Adam: My girlfriend gave me such good head last night

Bob: You two have been together forever. Have you had sex yet dude?

Adam: not yet, we are waiting for the right time

Bob: I think you're just sop man
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
The de-stressing feeling one gets when listening to Toto's "Africa". Usually initiated after enduring extreme stress or irritation. The feeling is often accompanied by a strong urge to move, which results in a "African animal like"/"Orangutan" arm swinging dance.
"Lisa is driving me crazy, I feel like I'm going to explode. I really need to Africa right now"
by Samponanna April 17, 2009

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