A ghetto hispanic wannabe.
Reveals to much, fat, jiggles butt, uses sharpies as lip liner, wear giant combs in their hair, uses glue as hair spray, uses tight clothes so fat pops out, sluts, only speak spanglish, and usually named Margartita or Rosa.
Becky-"Did you see that ugly Chonga ?"
Mark-"yeah she thinks shes all that"
"Oh well ya se pero por que you gonna be muy malo with me"
Im chongalicous, make them chicos locos.
by Lola Star January 31, 2009
A CHeese ONion and GArlic bagel found at Starbucks restaurants in Oregon and Washington.
I'll have a Chonga bagel toasted with cream cheese. Refered to as an Everything with Cheese Bagel in all other parts of the United States
by DrD July 03, 2013
Jamie Lee Curtis's sexual reproductive organ. It is a combination of both a penis and a vagina. To be more specific it is a penis with no head, hollowed out. Both men and women can do somebody with a chonga.
Random Person: OMG you don't have a vagina!
Jamie Lee Curtis: That's because I have a chonga!
by LORD DONGALOAD February 26, 2013
An adjective which can be used for anything that is fugly, smells like shit, looks like shit, or in general is shit
"His penis totally smells like Chonga"
by Samponanna April 16, 2009
a chonga/chongo is a "mami" or "papi" from the slums. They like to dress "fancy" with skin-tight clothes that doesnt fit them. or the men like to dress with oversized clothes, i.e (phat farm, roca wear). They are of latin descent.
Mima is such a chonga, she borowed my brazilian jeans last week and wears them everyday.
by Jade Leighton June 18, 2006
the female version of the mexican "cholo". Mexican girl who would wear tight tight jeans that squeeze her very prominent love handles, short and tight shirts revealing their stomaches, wear obscene amounts of lip liner (or sharpie drawn around the lips), extreme amounts of hair gel (or glue) flattening their hair down and making it shiny.
"That chonga's hair was so wet with glue it looked like she had been out in the rain and her lip liner definitely was drawn with sharpie marker," commented Sarah.
by Cassandrandrodo December 25, 2009
Spanish Chickas that generally have exccesive gel in the hair.
I bagged this chonga from da club last nite
by GKamau April 14, 2008

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