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a word in taglog(filipino) meaning cock,penis,etc.
my boto hair is like robin williams' elbow hair
by botohairmiguel December 18, 2007
A male dolphin who is a somewhat pinkish tint....legend has it that the dolphins would cover their heads with a hat and became human pimps. With that, they would drown their hoes and the hoes souls would become the dolphins.
Lucas the boto put on a pimpedellic purple hat and persuaded Sally the hoe into the water to have a dolphin body!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
by Sally Bozz July 28, 2006
a big juicy long erotic and very arousing type of dog food
Paul: hey, trey are you feeding your dog that new boto food?
Trey: no, but i heard of it and it sounds sexy
by boto is good 4 u June 24, 2009
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