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in filipino means penis
haha big boto!
by anonymous July 19, 2003
274 81
A word in philipino for a big cock (as in penis).
I wanna suck that fat boto!
by Jill billy October 08, 2005
114 75
adam loves the penis
by traveye January 15, 2003
101 69
a word in taglog(filipino) meaning cock,penis,etc.
my boto hair is like robin williams' elbow hair
by botohairmiguel December 18, 2007
55 37
means Penis in Filipino
elm loves the boto
by BURRITOMAN123 May 07, 2010
30 20
a big juicy long erotic and very arousing type of dog food
Paul: hey, trey are you feeding your dog that new boto food?
Trey: no, but i heard of it and it sounds sexy
by boto is good 4 u June 24, 2009
11 27
A male dolphin who is a somewhat pinkish tint....legend has it that the dolphins would cover their heads with a hat and became human pimps. With that, they would drown their hoes and the hoes souls would become the dolphins.
Lucas the boto put on a pimpedellic purple hat and persuaded Sally the hoe into the water to have a dolphin body!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
by Sally Bozz July 28, 2006
18 41