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Chode, deriving from the latin root "Chod" (Meaning homosexual men who like to poke eachother's balls using there fat penises) is a penis that is approvimately 1.2 or greater width than its length. A chode is also a man (who Ejaculates over 5 times a day) or a women (who bones herself over twice a day).
Example 1: Noun:
"I love having sex with my boyfriend cuz' he can do it so hard with his impressive Chode"

Example 2: Verb:
"Borna stop Chodeing off you asshole before you stain my rug!"
by J (As my friends call me =)) April 24, 2008
0 12
A person who pushes their beliefs, opinions or likes onto others as fact; refusing to back-off
Jim "James" Jodie. A resident of St. Francis...Born a chode and will die a chode:)
by ankhols4 July 20, 2007
3 15
a penis that is wider than it is tall. not a gooch!, a short, fat, and probably grodie ass dick. call your gooch a chode and people will laugh, but tell people you have a chode and people won't even talk to you. a chode is a chode, DON'T BE IGNORENT!
"i can't tell what i'm looking at in this picture stu"
"that's okay, just put it into chode mode"
"check out this chode de la fragrance.....it's authentic!"
"whopper chode" "muffin chode" "chode ass"
by mattkeepsittp March 15, 2007
6 18
a small penis.


smaller than your average cock.chode
by debera June 28, 2006
1 13
A person that thinks he is cooler than he is. Someone who acts worse than an ignoramus.
That guy from Dr. 90210 is such a chode.
by Nodda Chode March 24, 2006
5 17
Area between the sac and the butthole.

Or if your not in reality....

A penis wider than it is long!
Yomama has a 8-foot chode.

Either definition works for this one!
by wakalakalover45 June 18, 2005
8 20
a penis which is fatter than it is long and is shaped like a can of tuna, if u will.
That fat and stubby boy looks like a walking chode.
by danny trubador July 08, 2004
44 56