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The most AMAZING girl you will ever meet. She is so loving and down to earth, and she's sweet like CANDY ♥. She will NEVER let you down and she is SUPER hard to get mad at. It's impossible to stay mad at her. HER ASS IS REALLY NICE TOO ;). AND HER BOOBS. DAYUM. xD Anyways, you'll never regret meeting her and she's gonna stay with you, and if she doesn't, which will never happen, you can chop her boobs and ass off. (:
"You know that girl Chloe?"
"I lub dat ass."
by datgurlyouknowwho December 29, 2011
The most amazing person ever. She has a habit of correcting spelling, and wearing bright flowery tights. She is very much a bohemian, as she does whatever she wants and doesn't care what people think about her. Very loud, outspoken, and has an opinion on everything. All for gay rights, likes baked potatoes, and pickles. Has a tendency to drop and trip things, such as people; hence the use of the word as a verb.
Person A: I fell off the swing yesterday... backwards.

Person B: Oh! Someone pulled a Chloe!
by Elphaba Thropp - barox April 10, 2010
An extremely cute, hot, smart, talented girl whos just way out of your league - although she wont treat you like it\
Chloe loves rain but would totes prefer playing volleyball at the beach with you. shes got a hott bod but doeesnt care to show it off cause she has some class if you tell her shes wrong, shes gonna admit to it and apologize. spot a chloe from afar, and she may look like a flirt but you get to know her shes just being nice. wont date just anybody who comes along cause she enjoys her freedom and independence, and hates being controlled by witless men.
loves to chill with the boys tho, and they like it as well cause if they cant have her they might as well hang out w/ her.

shes no slut, shes a keeper and heartbreaker. Chloe enjoys friendship and genuinely cares for ppl. thinks flirting is overrated and just wants to cut to the chase and be friends. have a problem she'll listen and be there for you if you need a hug.girls want to be jealous of Chloe and hurt her with devious schemes but they find that shes just too lovable towards everybody. guys want to get in her pants but she seeks refuge with her other guy friends who will beat the guy up/. loves playing sports and some friendly competition with her boys cause as soon as they realize shes good they stop "taking it easy" and legit play the game. and shes fit and fast and can take it
Billy- "Chloe is a sweetheart"
John- "yea man , we're hanging out later"
Billy- "what? dude thats not cool"
Chloe- "oh hey billy! you can come too, whe're havin a movie marathon"
Billy - "thanks chloe =)"
John - "yeah.. thanks chloe..."

chloe "AWE I love you too friend!"

guy1 "Chloes a babe"
guy2 "Ill fight you"

Chloe often times is a boy magnet, but then guys start seeing that shes more than a pretty face she becomes an everybody magnet.
by allIwantTOdoisLOVEYOU May 25, 2011
The definition of chloe is a beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, adorable, cute, and everything wonderful. Except for hot because that's degrading if i remember correctly ;) Theres no one in the world like a chloe. She's the best friend anyone could ask for. She's selfless, and TOO selfless she thinks TOO much about others. She is thoughtful caring and fucking hilarious. She's there through the good times and the bad and is always there to support you <3 She's the biggest dork on this whole wide world but hey, that's what makes her so damn cute and amazing. Anyways she's a girl that is literally impossible to love She's the kind of girl who if you hurt her, her friend zoe will take your nuts/boobs and gorrilla glue them to your face then tattoo i'm a cockloving slut on thier cheeks. Anyways yes, that is the definition of a chloe.
Chloe is amazing xD
by Zoe115022 April 10, 2013
the most amazing person i have ever met you will love her squillions and never want her to leave you she has the best laugh and an addiction to going to the cinemas and sitting on the front row. loved by everyone.
Me:Hey chloe ya wanna go to the cinemas
Chloe:only if we sit at the front :)
by purplegiraffe01 May 01, 2011
A sexy beast whose best friend is usually a Rosie.

A great personality and a fun person.
by wtfdouwantchloeandrosiefoeva September 26, 2010
A Chloë is not the same thing as a Chloe. Chloë's are sweet but sensitive and feel as if their friends don't listen to them. Chloë's don't usually feel pretty and don't take much care in what they look like. Chloë's are a bit shy at first, but once you get closer with a Chloë you'll discover that they are crazy and love when people take the time to ask "how's it going?"
Why are you reading? You are such a Chloë!
by theawesomedude September 28, 2013