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A very realiable compact SUV if you treat it right. The guy saying all that shit about it is just wrong, that is fucking bullshit man, he just probably doesn't know shit about taking care of a vehicle. chevy blazers kick ass. Whatever case is dismissed (throws mallet across the room while security guard wears star sunglasses). Partys are excused you may step out. Thank You.
my Chevrolet Blazer is just fucking awesome
by MYNAMEIST February 08, 2007
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1) A two-door variant of the Suburban produced by Chevrolet starting in the 1960's and ending with the introduction of the Tahoe in the mid-1990's.
2) The name given to the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer after the introduction of the Tahoe. Produced until the mid-2000's.

S-10 Blazers and fullsize Blazers alike are referred to as "Blazers". Contrary to what many believe, the first generation Blazers were capable of running for what seemed like an eternity.
Fullsize Blazers came with the 5.7L 350 engine, which remained the base engine. Optional was a larger displacement diesel engine, primarily used with a 24 volt (as opposed to standard 12 volt) power system used in military Blazers in the 1980's.

The S-10 Blazer originally came with a TBI (throttle body injection) engine that was either a 2.8L (used in the V6 Camaro) or a 4.3L engine that was the V6 version of the well-known 5.7L 350. In 1990 with the introduction of the 4-door Blazer came the new CPI (central port injection) Vortec engine. In 1995 the Blazers were redesigned with a more rounded body, and included new MPFI (multi-port fuel injection) engines, in addition to dropping the S-10 prefix.

The first generation Blazers with the TPI 4.3L engines carried on the reputation of the 5.7L, many lasting well above 200,000 miles. However with the introduction of the 700R4 (later named 4L60) automatic transmission, many would only last to 200,000 miles, as the 3rd and 4th gear clutch packs would burn out in the transmissions. This problem was not as common to the fullsize Blazer after the introduction of the 4L60-E, however.
Additionally, problems with the heater core going out and leaking antifreeze into the floorboards were common, as well as seat frames being broken, rear window hydraulics not working, and other cosmetic problems, including the rare steering wheel breakage after one has slammed their fist into the steering wheel.

The S-10 Blazer has a reputation for holding its value. Many S-10 Blazers can be seen for sale for a few thousand dollars, even with 150,000+ miles.
The broken-down Chevrolet Blazer in my yard finally had the rear diff lock up after 300,000 miles of driving. Everything else still works, of course.
by cchriss92 October 28, 2007
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A long running, once popular Sport Utility Vehicle produced by Chevrolet. The Chevy Blazer enjoyed much success alongside the Ford Explorer and also Dodge's early attempts to cater to the outdoor enthusiasts that wished for a comfortable, multi-passenger off road capable vehicle. Throughout it's life span, the Chevrolet Blazer endured many style changes and upgrades. Unfortunately for the willing and naive American public, (myself being one, twice!) Chevrolet just stopped caring about quality parts and dependable automobiles 15 years ago and began outsourcing their plants to Mexico and other countries, so as to avoid the "mafioso" tactics of the UAW (Union of Auto Workers). Chevy notably relied on their "All American" attitude in the past, and tries to continue suckering the American public to this day into buying shit, defunct quality automobiles, such as their Blazer model. The Chevy Blazer roughly lasts 100,000 miles and then it begins to literally fall apart at the seams. Even religious drivers that spend money on fluid flushes and extra maintenance during routine oil changes are victimized by the gas guzzling, money sinking Chevy Blazer, and General Motors obviously couldn't be happier. Of course, GM isn't the only person at fault in all of the Blazer's catastrophies, the UAW with it's selfish business demands and continued hiring of lazy, unmotivated, bottom feeding ex convicts is mostly to blame, for their uncaring attitude clearly shows in their production element. The Chevrolet Blazer may go down as one of the worst built, cheaply manufactured automobiles in history. Great sympathy should be given to the poor, gullible souls stranded out on those American highways in subzero weather trying to locate a tow truck for their worthless, already broke Chevrolet Blazer.
$24 million dollars a day is what GM is losing every single day due in part to shit production and gas guzzling operating from the Chevrolet Blazer.

Please, abandon or destroy a Chevrolet Blazer and buy Toyota if you want to actually be able to afford food.
by Johnny hates NOVA April 12, 2006
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Cool Suv produce till 2004
Came with a 4.3 Vortec and was and 4x4 versions were Offroading beasts
1st gens were square shaped and had about 160hp
2nd gens are more stylish and come with a 4.3lt vortec v6 which produced 190hp and a whopping 250 ft lbs torque at only 2800 rpms so it's quick as hell in first gear

2wd blazers are a little quicker and have more west coast style

Blazers came with body on frame construction like most trucks and was proven to be durable

gets about 22mpg hi-way, 16-19mpg city, not bad for a peppy v6

a powerful suv

both will leave a 4cly rice burner in the dust, trust me

People call it a gay car until they see the towing power and decent mpg, and when it pulls like a bat outta hell off the line and leaves there v6 stang in the dust
"Holy crap that's a nice Chevrolet Blazer it has west coast style."

"Damn my civic was no match for that Chevrolet Blazer cause it was quick as monkey balls off the line."

"I tried to beat this teenager in his Chevrolet Blazer but my ram 1500 lost traction and lost."

"Come on kids pile in the Chevrolet Blazer"
by Blazer14290 December 04, 2011
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