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The Cost Per Insertion, referring to the price required in order to complete intercourse with someone of the opposite sex. Normally worked out by adding overheads such as meals, cinema tickets, travel etc. then dividing by the number of times one has had sex with that person. A low CPI obviously denotes a slut while a high one denotes a high maintenance girlfriend or expensive hooker.
Dave: What you're girlfriend like?
Sam: Well she's certainly no cheap slut, with a CPI of 120 quid I may as well get a hooker.
Dave: Yeah, my bird's much better, CPI of 20 and I get to take her up the shitpipe.
#c.p.i. #intercourse #high maintenance #slut #whore
by Ball Bag February 20, 2006
Consumer Price Index; a value determined by the US goverment which gives the relative value of goods and service. Currently in 1982-1983 dollars.
The CPI of 1982-1983 is 100 denoting that during 1982-1983 goods in services cost $100 in 1982-1983 dollars
#cpi #cppi #cip #cipi #cop
by Maletruck July 13, 2006
columns per inch, but dpi is mostly used today
"i got a 1600 cpi mouse!"
by iron_pyrite August 17, 2005
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