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1. something stinks - not necessarily from a stench
1. Man AC/DC sucks monkey balls
2. Getting caught smelling your aunts panties sucks monkey balls
3. Whoever came up with the slang ACCA DACCA sucks money balls
4. Laguna Beach sucks monkey balls
by MAX GARCIA September 12, 2006
A nasty chafing of the nut sack region that causes the inflicted individual to walk in a monkey-like state.

Often caused by heavy sweating of the nether regions, combined with tight, ill-fitting clothes and excessive 70's style disco dancing.
From the look of that dude's apish stroll, he must have a nasty case of the monkey balls.
by pacoGAME May 28, 2009
(n.) Nickname of the seed pods produced by sugar maple (Acer saccharum) trees (Liquidambar styraciflua, according to other sources). When ripe, these hard, spiky green balls are about the size of ping pong balls, and make excellent, abundant projectile ammo.
"Okay- everybody grab your sling shots and rackets, and pile up the monkey balls! THE WAR IS ON!!!"
by fugitive247 October 30, 2004
a basketball game played by majority of young male african american youth.
look at these niggas, they playin monkeyball!
by White Man Clooks December 13, 2010
kiwi fruit - A woody chinese vine having fuzzy fruit with edible pulp .
Go to the produce dept and get me a couple of monkey balls
by monicari June 01, 2007
The act of or ramification of gently rubbing someone's arm to set at ease the muscle and subsiquently smashing the middle knuckle of the middle finger or pointer into the area of arm just relaxed pruducing an amusing but agonizingly painful muscle spasm resulting in an elevation of skin and muscle in the shape of a ball of various sizes that slowly makes its way down the afflicted area until fading back into the arm.
"That kid got the worst monkeyball i've ever seen, it popped up atleast an inch!"
by Docter Octogonapus December 12, 2008
The act of jumping onto someone's chest, securing your private area near their mouth and beating the top of their head with your fists while yelling your favorite curse word.
"If you keep talking to me with no respect I will monkeyball you I swear."
by J.1 May 12, 2010
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