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Cool Suv produce till 2004
Came with a 4.3 Vortec and was and 4x4 versions were Offroading beasts
1st gens were square shaped and had about 160hp
2nd gens are more stylish and come with a 4.3lt vortec v6 which produced 190hp and a whopping 250 ft lbs torque at only 2800 rpms so it's quick as hell in first gear

2wd blazers are a little quicker and have more west coast style

Blazers came with body on frame construction like most trucks and was proven to be durable

gets about 22mpg hi-way, 16-19mpg city, not bad for a peppy v6

a powerful suv

both will leave a 4cly rice burner in the dust, trust me

People call it a gay car until they see the towing power and decent mpg, and when it pulls like a bat outta hell off the line and leaves there v6 stang in the dust
"Holy crap that's a nice Chevrolet Blazer it has west coast style."

"Damn my civic was no match for that Chevrolet Blazer cause it was quick as monkey balls off the line."

"I tried to beat this teenager in his Chevrolet Blazer but my ram 1500 lost traction and lost."

"Come on kids pile in the Chevrolet Blazer"
by Blazer14290 December 04, 2011

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