1. To defame or insult another through language or facial expressions
2. To act in a manner not conducive to the current settings or the person's normal mannerisms.
"I don't know why Sally was looking at me that way, she don't need to be so cherry"
by Mary L August 04, 2005
One's virginity.
He popped my cherry. {He took my virginity}
by Cybèle August 12, 2003
A female virgin
That girl is cherry, but she still gives good head.
by natedoggydogg August 11, 2003
the orginal nickname of the guy we hate to love and love to hate
Steve: Hey, Carl. Have you seen Cherry?
Carl: Who is Cherry?
Steve: You know, _______.
Carl: Oh! _______. Yeah, I don't know.
by Goat April 05, 2005
Cherry is a term for stole, stolen.
As if you wher at a public place and didnt want to say you stole something, u say u u cherried it
Damn me and Puccio And matt cherried 350$ from universal studios and nick didnt come cus hes a fairy
by Joe...... Joe MAma December 03, 2004
In slang, it is referred to as the Hymen or Maidenhead of a woman.

This is actually a small fruit that is good.
"I'm gonna pop her cherry"

"Cherrys taste good."
by Bob August 12, 2003
The light part of a siren. Positioned normally on top of an emergency vehicle, lights usually spin in sequence.
"Look at how many cherries there are"
"If it wasn't for his cherries no one would have seen him"
by 3604life May 06, 2007

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