A dirty dirty slore.
OMG Courtney! Stop being a chaz!!!!

That dirty chaz has been doing his nicole!
by rlm8772 November 16, 2010
1) to complete, finish, 'knock-out'
2) to lose one's cool, flip out
"You don't need to worry about it, he already chazzed that feature this morning"

"He couldn't debug that piece of code so he chazzed out and threw his monitor out the window."
by Mojito Chica December 23, 2011
Chaz - an imaginary person used when putting the blame on someone.
Also, Chaz the 5p Piece
"Omg what did you do that for?"
"Wasn't me it was Chaz!"
"Yea Gosh Chaz!"
"Damn 5p Piece!"
by Edith&Becca July 12, 2008
A retard or retarded action.

A way of life that no one wants to live.
I cant believe you just fell up that curb, your such a Chaz
by D.Lay October 05, 2007
A decription of something that is both "shit" and "cheese". This is an evolutionary word deriving from the word "shat" (a modified pronunciation of shyte or shit, also a short form of the informal word "shatner" meaning shit) and the word "chez" (a modified short form for the word cheese).
1) Having your vehicle emblems stolen is total chaz. 2) Knock-knock jokes at a comedy club is chaz.
by Insinu8r April 12, 2010
a guy whos real name is chase, but is so awesome that one name doesnt get the job done so his friends call him chaz.
guy1: who is that guy with all those fine ass bitches?
guy2: damn man dats chase
guy3: naw, dats chaz
guy4: your both right
by Alfred D. Winterson September 19, 2008
A man you go to school with in highschool. He has his hands in his pants and we call him the Chazzard Hazzard.
Hey chaz! Masturbating again?
Hey you. Whats your name? CHAZ: Names charles...but you can call me chaz.

A person who is obsessed with porn.
by Baxton July 21, 2004
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