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A dirty person with a lack of panty hoes he balls are so far up his own ass he could lick them.Conclusion a big nasty greasy BITCH with a lack of personality!
how was work today?

it was ok until i meet a chaz
by racheal rodiguez March 29, 2010
A retard or retarded action.

A way of life that no one wants to live.
I cant believe you just fell up that curb, your such a Chaz
by D.Lay October 05, 2007
A Cuban water-polo player who has an extremely large penis, has a beard, homeless, and is typically just one of those guys you tell yourself, "Damn..."
Kevin: Jason you should really work on your game, your starting to look like a Chaz out there.

Jason: FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA! Fuck you you fuck-ass koala!
by The Guy With The Floppy Dick January 01, 2009
one whu is great and the life and soul of the comunity
"oh, isnt chaz wonderful"
by neva geuss but its chaz July 29, 2003
to be shocked, scratched or electrocuted
The man almost got chaz'd by lightning the other day.

The woman got chaz'd by a razor blade, but wasn't seriously hurt by her assailant.
by zookzook September 15, 2008
when your t-shirt collar is not right up at your neck but hangs down pretty far.
wow your shirt is so chazzy it almost looks like a v neck.
by tripster April 09, 2009
to scratch ass and lick fingers
to disturbing to list chaz
by raybob June 16, 2008