a white person's alternative to jaunt.
Yo man,pass that chauncy

heres how it applies to a surfer:"yo man, ride that chauncy"
by chicken41786 May 15, 2005
A slang word used to refer to a friend who is a backstabber, not a good friend, or just a really sneaky, slimy type of friend or acquaintance. In other words, a fake friend. The word originated from the 1993 movie Menace 2 Society, in which the lead character has a fake friend named Chauncy who sets him up and snitches.
Guy A: "Yo man, I don't care if she was your girl, she says I taste better fool."

Guy B. "oh hell naw, you acting like a real Chauncy right now!"
by CJPattaya2 October 11, 2010
The plastic cup used for drinks at keg parties, etc. in college
Johnny didn't put Chauncy down the entire night. He didn't want to be without his Chauncy. He was trashed!
by Waffle Inc. July 28, 2009
Not only a derogatory name for your friends (Closely Resembling "Bitch" or "Punk") It is also a state of being, a way of acting or carrying oneself that causes your friends to question if YOU ARE IN FACT STILL A TRUE MAN.
As a name: You are a fucking chauncy, just walk it off...

As a reference to behavior: Q: You wanna drink beer and light things on fire?
Chauncy Answer: No, I am (a) tired OR (b)gonna spend time with my girl....
Either if these answers and actions are red flag warnings that your friend may be falling into A STATE OF CHAUNCY.
by Drink Till U Drop May 12, 2009
a brownoser, a suckup, anyone who thinks they take the hardest classes. Followers of the Order of Chauncy's. Derrogatory.
That kid is such a Chauncy, he always sucks up to the teachers.
by jack jack frank jack March 15, 2009
A person who looks so funny anything that is funny ceases to be that object and becomes also a chauncey.
Can be replaced in front of any noun to create a whole new meaning
Dude look at that cat that is such a chauncy cat.
That is so funny it looks just like chauncy.
by Chris the chris schickler August 18, 2008
Used as a pseudonym for male genitalia when making comparisons. Usually used with face or breath as descriptors.
Yo, check that Chauncy face over there. (penis face)
Listen, Chauncy breath. (Implies that one gives oral sex to men)
by Fred Rufus Jones May 15, 2008

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