1. General purpose noun much like wodie used mostly when describing animate objects. AKA people, animals, llamas
2. Can be used as a term of endearment, a greeting, or an insult depending on the context
3. Usually preceded by the word fucking

Brought to the Ingerhood by a certain Dutch Hog
"Alex, you fucking chauncy!"
"What up you fucking chauncy?"
by Reuthermonkey May 01, 2003
The idolization of the specific one child to always lack behind in sports and other athletic avtivities.
The teammates laughed as the chauncy lumbersomly finished the wind sprint
by Fritch April 25, 2006
The 2004 NBA Finals MVP
Chauncy just drained another three.
Yeah, he owned the glove again.
by 8088 September 06, 2005
Used in the form of a noun, it signifies the fat, blubberous fold of skin located above one's genital area. It is usually known as a "frontal butt".
Holy shit! Did you see that lady's chauncy? It was huge!
by Nicolette July 07, 2004
I had never heard this word untill someone called Mark Delucas a Chauncy and i have found out some iformation on it so here is the definition:

1. Someone who is very rude.

2. Someone who changes their personality around differnt people.

3. Someone named Mark Delucas.
1. Sir, you are a fucking chauncy.
2. Mark Delucas is the biggest chauncy alive.
by Nicky D. June 21, 2004
1. A gardener who was missing some marbles.
2. Reference towards being unitelligent.
3. My mom's fishy
1. Chauncy, please water the roses.
2. You chauncy!
3. Feed Chauncy
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
A punk bitch! Bitch ass Nigga!
Look at that bitch ass nigga, he just got beat down, Chauncy ass!
by BOHNER April 21, 2005

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