There are various degrees of being a Charva. It is not as clean cut as some may have you think.

Here are my gradings 1 - 5, 1 Being Least Charva’ish and 5 being fully blown Charva, Stripey Jumper and All.

1. Wears expensive Rockport Boots and Stripey Jumpers. Does this because alot of other people he knows where these things. I personally know people at this grade, they are very down to earth and only occasionally wear the Charva uniform.

2. Above with the addition of a modified Geordie accent. This accent modification is very well documented in other posts on this page.

3. As above who hangs about in groups of other charvas. This is an important stage, this is where a Charva borders on becoming intrusive, arrogant, and to be blunt, a bit of a waste of space. They also wear a Burburry cap which is very carefully worn at 45 degrees, the practical function of this is still under investigation.

4. As above including, the Charva will have a very bad attitute to anything that he or she doesn’t like or understand, they will have a chip on the shoulder attitude. This type of Charva is very arrogant and doesn’t really care about anything but him or herself

5. As above….They are the roughest people you could possibly come across, they beg on the streets for money which they need to feed their drink and drug habits. The females have lots of scrunches in their hair, usually have a ridiculous fringe, wear bright colloured leggings and tend not to have much dress sense at all.

Charva`s have changed their dress code somewhat in the last 5 years. They used to wear Kappa tracksuits with a vast array of ski jackets, this has moved on to any sort of top that has horizontal stripes, (polo shirt and jumpers are a favorite). Rockport or rockport look-alike boots are also worn. Jeans are usually worn however some charvas prefer tracksuit bottoms (usually worn only by the poorer charvas).

The modern Charva name was associated with people from Newcastle, however, they can be seen on many streets throughout the UK, with very similar dress sense and attitude, however as you can imagine, their accent and slang differs from city to city.
I once heard one charva in a college corridor saying

"Whaa, its purley belta freezin the day hew"
by George November 28, 2003
charvas are a group/ kind of people. they like to get pissed, say fuck, get pregnant and do anything illegal. charvas have no brains and many cannot count to 10. they stop at number 9 because that's the amount of children they have had by the age of 15. as you have probably already read, charvas like to wear "trackie b's" "rockie b's" and the ever popular tog 24 coats. most charvas die at the age of 32 due to lung cancer, (their own fault for starting smoking at the age of 11) charvas often hang around in large groups because that way they feel "hard" the only thing that's hard is a charva boys you know what when he sees a charva girl in her skin tight jeans with a bottle of cider in her hand. shazzam, a baby charva is made. charva babies are the worst babies. they are the kind of children who will be amazed at a plank of wood for hours, oh, just like dad. as you may have already noticed, i hate charvas. however, if you are a charva you probably hadn't noticed because you are all a bunch of thick shits who deserve to be shot! thank you for making my high school years a misery! (note to charvas: i was being sarcastic) that word says sarcastic. repeat after me sar-ca-s-tic. now go and tell your mammy you learnt a new word, how was her 17th birthday?!
charva sayings:
"wot yee fuckin lookin at yee fuckin cunt?"
"who fucks like a fish?"
"will you tie mee shoe lace for is... how?"
by anti-charve March 06, 2004
The lowest form of class consciousness, a reversion to stereotype and parody. Their tribal mentality is uniformed not only in clothes but codes; hugely patriarchal,machismic,anti-intellectual and resentful of any aspirations towards cultural divergence. Essentially tragic groups who must retreat into expected social roles and interests in order to belong, perhaps belong. They have internalized middle class prejudices and expectactions and inverted these features to appear as an offensive action rather than a defensive one. Feelings of inadequacy are converted into hostility for every aspect of "respectable" living and all its related paraphernalia. They are best understood as Thatcher's bastards.
The majority of guests on Trisha.
by Brady March 05, 2004
Charva is the romany (gypsy) word for unruly youth. Why it originates in Newcastle when there is next to no gypsies is beyond me. In my part of the north-east (Darlington) the word charva refers to gypsies as that is the correct meaning. The little tossers from Newcastle are just wannabe gypsies (fuck knows why) hence the use of the word charva to describe themselves.
Real charvas wear real burberry caps and rockports as they can afford the flash gear because they (somehow) make lots of money unlike the little wannabe rentas.
"charva kekka rokka" <---real charva talk not no imitation shit from the wannabes
by Mike Oxlong February 28, 2004
charvas are a group of limited intellect teenagers who are commonly seen in bus shelters urinating themselves after a night on streets, running away from policemen because they have spent a whole £2 on a litre of cider they do not want to risk getting poured out. they are the lowest form of life and are not worth paying tax for! tax for the slapper mothers at 17 to go on the dole beeing able however with extra drug money they earn beeing able to buy hideous earings and tacky tracksuits for their foul mouthed children to wear regardless of the astrocity it will bring. we hope one day to devise a cure for the charvas who give the northeast a bad name.
why are you orange?
by kayleigh + holly January 29, 2004
Extremely stupid human being (Or a very close approximation), who enjoys wearing cheap jewelrey (Not always cheap, but they make it look cheap), tracksuits (Fred Perry, Levi Jeans, Rockports).

Believes themselves to be smart and clever, extremely arrogant and egotestical, according to the Charva race - Goths and such are Hippies.
" 'ere man ya fookan 'ippee!!! "
" Ya tink ya fookan cleva?! "
" Aal fookan dek ya!! "
" My dik iz wel biga len yors!!"
" Ya bein' teekee!?!?! "
by Cobain January 09, 2004
These foul cretins inhabit the city of Newcastle. Traditional Charva wear consists of
Headwear: Burberry Cap
Top: Henry Lloyd/Fred Perry hooped sweatshirt, Berghaus Jacket
Pants: Tracksuit bottoms (Trackie B's)
Shoes: Rockports (Rockie P's)

Can often be found to be using a bastardised version of the geordie dialect. Easily recognised as they mooch about on street corners in great numbers to prey on some unsuspecting member of the public.
weak on there own but, ( like to think they are) Strong in numbers.
Total embarresment to the gret city of Newcastle. I wish they would Fuck off.
"Got eny shnout"
"Gis a swig of ya cida"
"Hu the fuk ye lukin at ye fukin ugly cunt"
by Robert hardie October 02, 2003

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