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A big black hole. You may try to leave all you want, but will always come back..........Fuck
Her vagina is a rockport......
by Georgeanderson January 22, 2009
Rockport a shoe/boot that is low quality compared to Timberlands. A Favourite piece off footwear for the horny housewifes
Jim: Whats that you are wearing on your feet Shirley? Timberlands/ Pods?

Shirley: No Jim!! There Rockports! They are epic!! I can now do the Gardening and clean the cell!

Jim: Delighted meals all round
by Mackers09 October 26, 2009
As in 'Rockport Boys', people that wear Rockports with sports clothes.
'i see adidas pants and rockports'
'here come the Rockport boys'
by xena April 15, 2003
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