when something near impossible happens that wasn't even attempted.
the pro-line commercials.

whoa i just threw a football and it went in the basketball net
by S-money Mathias March 19, 2005
The most awesomely funny girl you will ever meet. She so funny people just pee there panties when she speaks and its not coz she has a funny voice its coz everything she says is funny. She has MILLIONS of friends and they all beg her to speak when shes not. She has great fashion sense and excellent taste in music. She is very fun to be with and one day she will be moderately rich and live in a big house with all her close friends and her gorgeous bnoyfriend
Wow, It's Chance Quick Get a pen i need and autograph!
by MC Carlito horatio Smith February 20, 2009
A little boy that sits at home all day and rages hard. He normally has no friends and is a huge nerd. He commonly rages of things such as Call of Duty, and Battlefield 3.
Joe: Oh My God do you hear that, are they okay.
Fred: Its ok its just a chance.
by Reborn Kiljoy April 14, 2013
A filler word used to express amusement or amazment or to get someone's attention, specifically used in the Indie world.

Also used when talking of something with a low chance of happening.
"Chance, that was an awkward conversation"

"Chance! Look out the window!!"

"Chance we saw you here today"
by Quiet Fitz May 24, 2006
the most over dramatic person you will ever meet! he can't ever stop talking about himself & he can't take a joke.
he's a player and is mean to his best friends!
Guy 1: Hahah, i hate you :P
Chance: **** YOU! MOTHER *******! I DONT NEED YOUR SH*T!
by Cwaigy Bear June 05, 2009
when a man attempts to insert his penis into his own butt hole then once he is ready to ejaculate he aims it at his own face and then licks as much as possible off of his own face. Once he is finished with this he grabs his partner and tries to bite off his/her pubic hair.
I saw two guys crank that chance to each other.
by tbwakkaflakka January 14, 2011
Total douchebag who is self-absorbed, but does not like himself very much because he has a small dick. Lives in a fantasy world of thinking everyone might like him, but people really don't. The ones that have gotten to know him, quickly discover that he is a jackass, and has MAJOR issues. Jealousy should be his middle name. Skinny ass white boy who needs his ass kicked on a day to day basis because he has a big mouth.
Guy #1: Dude, I finally got my license.

Guy #2:(Ignores dude 1)

Guy #1: Chance, did you hear me?

Guy #2: WTF man? I've been playing COD for 8 hours straight and you just screwed up my concentration.

I.E. see: small dick syndrome , what the hell is up with your hair?, dude, can't you see you are creeping her out?, get a clue NOBODY likes you, get a life, and get out of mine, freak does not cover it, and not in the good way either,boy who is confused about his sexuality
by YouSuckGetAClue February 03, 2010
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