This is a fucking sexy man who could turn a straight guy gay! He is so sexy he has all the ladies lining up and can get anything! He is the sexiest person in the world and probably has a big dick, and he is soooooooooooo sexy you won't ever forget it!!!
Random chick: wow chance is sexy!

Dude: i know right!
by awesomechancelover November 29, 2011
Chances is something can't give, neither can you receive a chance.
You can only take a such thing.
Guy 1:You might die.
Guy 2:I'll take the chance...
by Feeee April 20, 2006
an amazing guy that is sexxy as f*ck and an amazing boyfriend<3
i love chance he is awesomesause!
chance & amanda
by pandabiitches October 02, 2011
a very sexy guy. and awesome name for anybody. a pussy magnet. has the bitches linen up. has a dick like god. most popular guy.
hes hung like a chance

wheres chance i need help to get this girl

girl: wow look at chance hes so hott and sexy i would let him ride me like a boat
by awesomeguy103 May 31, 2011
A beautiful girl. Not many girls are named Chance but it is a wonderful girls name. Chances are athletic, pretty, smart, and funny. Don't let go of a Chance because she is a keeper.
Kid 1: "Isn't that girl gorgeous?"

Kid 2:"Yeah! That's Chance! I want a piece of that!"

Kid 1: "Who doesn't?"
by Sexy señorita April 20, 2013
1. "I doubt it."
When someone says something you know is complete bullshit, you shout out "chances!" to call him or her out on it and/or embarrass that person..


2. "No chance in hell"
A very rude way to say no.
1. Dumbass: "Last night was amazing. I met a pair of gorgeous, tall, blonde Swedish twins at the bar and fucked both of them."
Sane Person: "Chances!"

2. Loser: "Um, so, do you wanna go to prom with me?
Incredibly Hot Rude Girl: "Psh, chances," and walks away.
by Lissabaverlorin January 08, 2009
Noun: A shot, hit, swig, etc. Can apply to drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, or whatever else can be found at parties
Verb: To consume the item that is in one's hands
"Yo man, your turn to chance the weed."
"You got your Vodka, I got my Tequila. Let's chance this!"
"I think you should chance that entire 40."
"She's passed out on the couch: go chance that!"
by Ein Wrose June 29, 2006

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