household item with which to have sex.
Man, I love my Chance, it's fucking billiant.
by hogues February 04, 2009
The guy who should`ve won on the show I Love New York because everyone hates Tango anyways except for Sister Patterson who looked like she was on crack and laughs like a hyena devil.
"What`s a poodle gonna do poppin` back blowin` bleezy`s?!" -Chance
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
(Gay Version) Well endowed mentally and physically. Probably one of the most coolest and honest gay guys you ever met. He can leave a guy wanting more with just the right words. Loves his friends and family but wants love and happiness most of all. Creative and most likely a pacifist, but don't try to fuck with him unless you want your feelings hurt.
Yea, I'd say Chance is one of the coolest gay guys I know.
by 109pmArt January 04, 2015
Luck, probability etc. Not some hunk you loners have dreamt up in an attempt to appear less lonely than you are.
Chance is probability. Not a name, idiots.
by Trollbeast October 31, 2012
Giving someone a opportunity or another shot to fix what they messed up
"You've hurt me more than once, why should I give you a second Chance?"
by SloMoe December 13, 2014
A word used to say no or false. Largely used in areas of large ethnic populations, mostly African-Americans in the major cities of America.

Usually used in context of friendly manner, but can be used in a violent manner
Billy: Dude, I just lost my virginity!
Quantavius: Chance, Lyin' B*tch!
by yoyo supbrotemp April 14, 2011
Chance does not exist.

Every decision we make in life is strategic and catastrophic to our future.

Missed opportunities are unexcusable.
I would say we met by chance but then I'd just be talking nonsense and looking at a smaller, more naive picture.
by wnk January 04, 2009

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