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A food that makes your lips red, your fingers red, your tongue red and occasionally, your poop.
Person 1: "Hey those are my hot cheetos! I`ve caught you red-handed.. literally!"
Hahahahaha.. no.
by iHateEmos June 14, 2007
Someone who takes thousands of pictures of themselves to put on myspace. Usually, the pictures are taken from weird angles or are pictures of a mirror which is completely pointless because the camera gets in the way of your face. They usually never even look at the camera and do that same blow-fish pose with a peace sign in every picture.
There are 100,384 pictures of that camera whore on her camera.
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
What myspacers used instead of just one i. When saying ii, caps lock is always on which makes it seem like they`re always screaming. Makes text harder to read.
&& ii KN0oW WHERE Y0oU AT! ii iiS S0o C0o0oL WHEN ii TYPE LiiKE THiiS, B`!
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
A contestant on Flavor Of Love who spit on New York and is now known as the Whore Of Charm School. She was once on the MTV show Exposed which shows how desperate she is for fucking guys, and to add to that, she picked both guys because she is a slut.
"Pumkin is a shame to her mama, her grandmama and to all the mamas in the world." -Saphyrri
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
A trend going around in myspace that people think is cool although it doesn`t even make sense because it is proper to only have one conjunction in a sentence. It is also used just anywhere on myspace even at the beginning of sentences or wherever the hell those stupid myspacers want to seem cool.
1) && ii L0VE u BABiiE;;
2) I &heart; myspace && shopping! <3334
3) so like i said blah and and he said that and and then we like broke up and and he never called me and and stuff.
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
New York`s mother. She hates Flavor Flav and Chance and will take away anything thug-like from her daughter. See devil.
Sister Patterson looks like the devil in her red suit and when she laughs like a hyena.
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
The guy who should`ve won on the show I Love New York because everyone hates Tango anyways except for Sister Patterson who looked like she was on crack and laughs like a hyena devil.
"What`s a poodle gonna do poppin` back blowin` bleezy`s?!" -Chance
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
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