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A senile old mental patient who escaped the asylum and is now running New Zealand. He needs to be stopped before he cripples the country forever.
John Key is an arse; that's all there is to it.
by Trollbeast August 12, 2012
That twat everyone wanted to murder in school due to his/her massively inflated ego, self-obsessiveness and downright sadism. Generally the bully, and often has repressed issues of their own, they are driven insane by the voices in their head telling them to be a conformist, and so drive everyone around them insane by doing the same thing, and yet ironically promotes himself/herself under the nebulous moniker of a "rebel". Murderer of self-worth, dignity, individualism and everything a modern society professes to stand for, yet promoted in the media and society in general as a great role model. Generally fails in life due to thinking they were too "cool" to get a job, or a house, or a source of income, and more often than not forced by terrible circumstances to work for the very nerds they were bullying. Listens to mediocre and downright bad pop music, and, assuming the pop to stand for popular, not populist, he/she forces his/her (lack of) taste onto other people. An all-round arrogant, sadistic tosser that should never have been let out of the asylum.
I don't need an example; you all know who I'm talking about. Make a stand, people; together, you can destroy pop culture, and be done with the cool kids forever!
by Trollbeast August 10, 2012
cool for people too damn lazy to type an extra letter.
Person: We're having a party
Lazy twat: Kwl.
by Trollbeast August 11, 2012
Laugh Out Loud What The Fuck For Fuck's Sake
Person 1: So I was oggling this 12-year-old's butt the other day...
Person 2: lolwtfffs?!
by Trollbeast August 18, 2012
Anti-theism is simply common sense.
by Trollbeast August 10, 2012
1) (genuine belieber) A tragic waste of an existence; cannot deal with the hard parts of life, and so proceeds to stalk the first whiny non-talent they can get their talons into. Justin Beiber is one of the most famous, and so has the greatest of these followings; hence the name Belieber. Mostly whiny teenage girls who squeal and giggle, often hysterically, all the time for no apparent reason, and have yet to find any decent music to listen to.
2) (peer pressure Belieber) Is afraid that their shallow, sadistic "friends" will ditch them if they don't follow a certain musician till death. Often despises said "friends" but desperately wants to feel popular, and so hangs out with these wannabe psychopathic mentalists. Usually in High school.
1) Person 1: NOOO!
Person 2: What's wrong?
Person 2: My god....
Person 1: When will the madness end?!?!
Person 2: I don't know... but we have to hang on to hope; never give up, and a way out will present itself
Person 1: How can there possibly be a way out?!
Person 2: There will be.
2) I want to be popular, but my so-called friends won't like me if I don't kowtow to their interests. I know; I'll become a Belieber!
by Trollbeast August 10, 2012
Luck, probability etc. Not some hunk you loners have dreamt up in an attempt to appear less lonely than you are.
Chance is probability. Not a name, idiots.
by Trollbeast October 31, 2012

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