A piece of furniture designed for sitting on. Can be made of wood, plastic, metal, and many other materials as well. Chairs have been around for thousands of years, and they are very useful for other things as well, for example: a surface, a step-ladder, or abstract art.
If you thumbs-down this definition, you are as fucking retarded as possible. I just defined a chair, and it makes NO sense if this has a thumbs-down, so fuck off with your thumbs-downs.
by Definitionman1 September 14, 2011
noun; code word for pornography. Used to keep people from knowing your a porn perv.
Hey man! i watched some awesome chairs yesterday!!
I caught my grandpa watching some chairs last night!
Hey mom, uhh i was just looking at chairs.
by GGGAAUU March 03, 2008
a term of measurment inventent in WWII for less than a millamenter.
I just missed that son-a-bitch tojo by a c hair.
by tipsy mcstagger September 16, 2005
Something u sit on
I'm going to sit in that chair
by mickeypoop October 25, 2014

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