Something you sit on
Hey I really want to sit on that chair
by dobson1 March 27, 2007
a chair is what you use to start a fight or a riot, always work
" yo its to civilized here , throw a chair to start some shit."
by will305 June 15, 2009
Originating from Gossip Girl fans all around the world, the word Chair is basically a different version of the already defined Waldass. It's a combination of the two characters names, to make one.
So in other words;
Chuck + Blair = Chair

Got it? Good.
Heather: Did you see last night's episode of GG?
Betty: Amagad! Yeahhh!!! Chair were so hot together. It's unbelievableee!!!!!
Heather: inorite!
by Laura-Marie February 15, 2010
Something your dumbass is most likely sitting on right now

A scene from a South Park episode in which Eric Cartman is asked to spell the word "chair"

A hard, solid piece of furniture you really need a defintion for this?
Dave: Don't fall out of that chair, yo!

Mike: It's my wheelchair asshole, if I fall I won't feel a thing.
by PoozerHater June 01, 2010
A highly accurate unit of measure that also refers to body hair that grows in a certain region of the female anatomy.
Damn, Steve - That's too bad. You only missed that putt by a fucking C Hair!! Good effort though.
by PattyMac78 November 04, 2009
A hair floating in a body of water.
I was swimming at English bay and i noticed a patch of curly c-hair.
by Charis. October 27, 2010
a word used to describe a person in the room who has no purpose. this person is just there and doesn't matter
"Dude what are these two girls doing here. They're just a couple of chairs."
by isugirl February 27, 2014

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