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The act of having someone sit on a chair blindfolded and have one or more persons dick slap the person sitting in the face. Can be done for pleasure or as a punishment.
The girl was blindfolded on her birthday and the football team just started chairing her.

I just met this person and convinced him to try chairing this weekend.
by ninsegation October 09, 2011
Jumping down a stairset or any type of drop with a chair on your butt, landing at the bottom as if you were skateboarding.
Chairing- Running with a chair in your hands. You then jump off a drop or down a stairset, landing at the bottom on your butt as if you were sitting down.
by NickkPifer January 29, 2012
Sexual term-means to have sex or sexual intercourse
Also a term for a violent act
Hey man, did you chair that girl yet?

Dude he got chaired, it was brutal

I walked in on my parents chairing, it was disgusting
by cdr61804 June 23, 2009
The act of having someone go on his knees and another person sitting on his back pretending or actually reading a newspaper.
Instead of Tebowing, the man got in the middle of the street and started chairing with his buddy.

The man suffered many injuries due to chairing in the middle of the high way.
by Steve Chair January 07, 2012

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