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"Chabo" comes from a gypsi slang wich is called "Manich"!
In Germany explicit in Dirty Frankfurt/Main "Chabo" is another word for guy, homes, peoples and all persons who are not female!
You can also say "Chab"!
-Hey look at that "Chabo" at the corner bro`!
-Me and My "Chabs" taking a ride!
-If you fuck with me or my "Chabs" you gonna get your face smacked against the and my chabs make your face stonewash!
by Chabo March 28, 2005
Generally refers to a greazy guy who thinks as himself as being pretty smooth. Chabos are easily identified by gold chains, immense amounts of hairgel and intense amounts of cologne.
Check out those chabos drinking Long Island Iced Teas...

I wonder what kind of IROC that Chabo drives.
by ryan April 22, 2005
something thats awesome is Chabo
A:yo homie i got myself a new,red mustang!
by Amanda Merrill December 27, 2004
In certain peer groups in berlin (germany) the term refers to small, curly haired girls.
- hey, see that chabo over there?
- hyo, totally gets rammed.

In german:
- hey, siehst du die chabo da?
- Ajo, wird gefickt
by yellow penguin March 11, 2013
Chabo a mix between a chav and greebo.
For example a chabo is someone who listens to greebish music, like funeral for a friend,but wears clothes like a yankees tacksuit. Or may listen to Chavy music like 50 cent, but wears clothes like dark hoody and tight jeans.
by wierd_guy March 05, 2006
yo ...chabo ( or tschabbo/jabbo)
A synonym would be DUMBFUCK!
I don´t know why God created such dicks but one thing I know is that they are fuckin´dumb!
Here you can verify it: ( Unfortunately only for people that understand german....SORRY GUYS):
funvideos/playfile.php?dateiname=!Na%20wer%20ist% 20schuld%20an%20der%20Pisastudie.asf&dateityp =asf&verzeichnis=/fun videos/funv ideos .php

Just watch it and lough!
Love ya guys...and FUCK YOU CHABS!
chabs suck and just avoid them!
by malkidash May 04, 2005
Means "idiot" as slang used in hessen, Germany. And is the new main figure of
Yo, Chabo! Clean up this mess!
by yakobusan November 09, 2003
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