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"Chabo" comes from a gypsi slang wich is called "Manich"!
In Germany explicit in Dirty Frankfurt/Main "Chabo" is another word for guy, homes, peoples and all persons who are not female!
You can also say "Chab"!
-Hey look at that "Chabo" at the corner bro`!
-Me and My "Chabs" taking a ride!
-If you fuck with me or my "Chabs" you gonna get your face smacked against the Curb....me and my chabs make your face stonewash!
by Chabo March 28, 2005
Its Gypsislang and well used in Frankfurt/Main and its another word for Girl, Bitch, Hoe, Women...etc.!
You can also say "Chai"!
That dirty bitchass "Chai" over there sucks cock like a thirsty cat!
by Chabo March 28, 2005
1. Large sized Beer!
2. Big Cock large like that big Beer!
Hey dirty hoe take my Pint up in your Pussy!
by Chabo March 28, 2005

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