A British/Scottish football club who think they are Irish. Since 1888 it has been sectarian by its nature. They hate everything non catholic most notably by the failure to offer Jock Stein a place on its board and its fans hatred to clubs whose fans and players are non catholic.
Its support and players actively support Irish terrorism and sing songs of hate against everything British including the british armed services.

Like the Catholic Church, Celtic has covered up sexual abuse of young boys for its own preservation most notably by its greatest manager Jock Stein and captain Billy McNeil who described it as an open secret. The fans of the club are racist,intolerant and sectarian and bring nothing but shame on law abiding Scots. The mocking of the 9/11 planes gesture to Claudio Reya was a disgrace as was the mocking of the Ibrox Disaster and the death of Davie Cooper which goes beyond any sporting rivalry and death threats to the spaniard Nacho Novo and his family. When Mark Walters came to play at Ibrox his first visit to Parkhead was marred by bananas being flung at him by Celtic fans. More recently the racist taunts of El hadji Diouf another example of Celtic fans intolerance to people of colour. Both current and former players are ofter seen at IRA Fundraisers and Rebel Nights singing songs of hate and sectarianism.
Ooh ah up the Ra - a song by Celtic Fans in support of the IRA
They all fell down the stairs haha - a song sung mocking the 1971 Ibrox Disaster.
SHAME-faced Celtic idol Frank McAvennie last night claimed he doesn't even know the words to the IRA anthem he was filmed boozily singing.
McAvennie, 51, sparked a fresh bigotry storm after he led Hoops fans in a chorus of the Boys Of The Old Brigade.
A Celtic fan made the plane gesture toward Reyna as he was taking a corner kick.
"I did honestly think about it afterward and I was surprised," Reyna told STV Scotland Today.
Pervert football boss Jim Torbett terrorised a generation of young Celtic players. The trusted team chief lured innocent lads with promises of the big time. Then the Celtic Boys' Club supremo molested the babes who idolised him.

Depraved Torbett, 50, is still a major figure in the Parkhead talent nursery.
by Gorgieboy September 04, 2011
Top Definition

Mainly relating to the culture, language, and society of the Celts. "Celt" apparantly came from the Greek term for "Secret People", since little was known of them, and still not very much is. Genereally known to be a tall race of people, their coloring ranged from dark-eyed and dark-haired to blue-eyed and fair-haired.

Having conquered most of Europe, and even terrorizing Rome itself at one point, this viscious race was highly advanced. Ironmaking, womyn having the same status of men, going nude into battle to discomfort the enemies.

Still, for all of their adavancements, their languages had become so varied that they could no longer understand each other. When the German peoples attacked and defeated Rome, they also defeated the Celts...

Only In Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany, France do the Celts survive.
O chionn fhada, chaill sinn ar daoine, ach tha mi a' faireachdainn an teine nam Gàidheil. Rathadeigin, mairidh mo chànan beò... 's e linn òrdha a bha sin.
by Lorelili October 23, 2004
Made the Uefa cup final in 2003 and somehow managed to take 50,000,000 fans along. Awarded the fair play award for no arrests and also won the nobel prize for turning 30,000 people into 50,000,000 using a device now known as the Seville Calculator.

I challenge you to find a Celtic fan who wasn't in Seville
Typical Celtic fan

"I was in Seville"
by Kieren and Grae July 01, 2006
slang term for marijuana, originated in eastern MA. the celtics symbol, a green clover, is somewhat similar to the marijuana leaf, so there... when making a deal for some green, you say you want some celtics tix, the dealers then says a row number (price) and seat (amount in grams or fractions of an ounce, you decide)
other vocab:
red sox-meth
Johnny Pothead: Hey man, I need some celtics tix. U got any??
Carlos Sanchez: Sure, manggg. I got tix for row 60 seat 3.

Oblivious Mother: Hey Craig! I've got some celtics tickets for tonight, you wanna go?
Closet Green User: Teehee, sure mom! LOLZ!

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers: Well, here you go Paul Pierce, here's all the celtics tickets you ordered....
Celtics Captain Paul Pierce: No, dumbass! Not THOSE celtics tickets!!
by green avenger May 07, 2006
First things first:

1) Its pronounced Kel-tic not Sel-tic (unless you're reffering to the Scottish soccer team or the U.S. basketball team)

2) Whoever wrote the definition that says the celts were 'the white race in ancient times' is a frickin MORON!!!! Yes, The Celts lived in France... but they were driven west by THE FRANKS! (d'oh) Yes, the celts lived in England...but they were driven west and north by the ANGLES and the Saxons! There are tons of 'white people' who don't descend from the celts at all i.e. the germans, italians, english, spanish, dutch, finnish, norwegians, swedes, dannish, russians, polish, and pretty much every other 'white' group other than the six celtic nations! That person really needs to learn their history cuz they don't have a f'''ing clue what Celtic means! (:

Now for the actual definition: There are six 'Celtic' Nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and the isle of Man. The Celts have a unique culture and their languages (although endangered) ring with a unique poetry that often contains an element of the tolkienesque. The republic of Ireland is the only independent Celtic state. There are two main linguistic sub-groups within the 'Celtic' cultures:
Brythonic Celts: The Welsh, Cornish, and people from the Bretagne penninsula
Goidelic(Gaelic) Celts: The Irish, The Scots and the Manx.
Moron: The Celts were the White race in ancient times!

Irish Celt: Pogue ma thone! we have nothing to do with those fricken sasenachs! (Sasenach being the Irish and Scottish gaelic word for a "Saxon" or Englishman. The English are NOT Celtic. They are Anglo-Saxons!
by CuChulainn May 03, 2006
let's try Kel-tic

Celtic culture had tribes all over Europe. They are an ancient people and/or their desendants, and some people who choose to follow Celtic Paganism also sometimes refer to themselves as Celtic. The word celtic could also be the language, the artwork, the spirituality,etc.
They were refered to as "the people from out of the darkness", because people knew nor understood anything of their language, culture, or spiritual beliefs and traditions. Much less where they came from, only that it was from somewhere out of Ireland.
Some celtic traditions live on today with a bit of variation from the original rituals, such as Halloween, which was Samain.
by astroshimmer September 18, 2003
a team that has everybody on it and now that they winning every1 on they dick
i like the celtics because they are winning now..ive always been a fan(usualluy a lie cuz they always sucked mad dick)
by Johnny mateo June 13, 2008
Additionally, many historians and linguists believe that the Basque people of northern Spain and Portugal are also Celts -- base on their language, music and culture. Additionally, the Irish occasionally refer to themselves as the decendants of the Sons of Mil -- who came from Spain. So it's very likely that the Celts came from Greece via Spain -- and left a tribe there.
The Basque language is most likely Celtic in origin.
by LaFuerte May 25, 2006
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