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This is a term used by feminists who feel that having the word "man" in the word "woman" makes women a subset of men. So, to make themselves a non subset, they changed the letter 'e' to a 'y'.
I am not a subset, I am a womyn.
by sffbeatpmles December 23, 2009
the feminist/lesbian spelling of "woman". also has political implications. not all feminists/lesbians use or even like this term, but it's been claimed as a subtle empowerment thing by both groups in general.
janice has karate lessons at the womyn's center on campus.
by dagger_grrl October 12, 2003
Another spelling for "women" coined by neurotic feminists for other equally neurotic feminists with the unbridled arrogant mindset that their dated, selfish, totally "unequal" cause justly warrants a ridiculous, contrary-to-diction respelling of an long accepted, objective English word.
"I am a gentleman. I respect women for their independence and ability to hold children unlike myself. I could never do that."

"Shut the hell up you misogynistic pig and learn to spell correctly. Your diction exhibits hatred and inequality. It's "womyn" now. Sucks to be a man like yourself with your dirty penis. I will never have a boyfriend or a husband because men will never go for me because I am most likely ugly, overly arrogant, and/or had a past relationship with an abnormal man who misrepresented an entire population which in consequence has caused a psychological distress and/or neurosis within my mind to reject the entire male population as hopeful and/or completely acceptable."
by Women Studies Prof December 23, 2011
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