A scummy football team from Glasgow's East End who cheat their way through every game, and, in season 07/08, managed to cheat their way to the SPL title by dodgy decisions by referees and linesmen. Also every Celtic fan believes that somehow they are related to Ireland and that there were about 10,000,000 Celtic fans in Seville when they reached the UEFA Cup Final in 2003. More proof that Celtic FC are scum is that their own manager cast a blind eye upon a paedophile ring that was operating inside the club (Big Jock Knew).
by OneMan'sSilenceHurtManyOthers April 15, 2009
A Football/Soccer team from the east end of Glasgow who's fans openly support and fund raise for the child killers and bomb throwing terrorists that are the I.R.A
common songs sung at carparkhead include the delightful ditty that goes "We are the P.I, We are the P.I, We are the P.I.R.A"
by William February 28, 2005
Celtic FC the best team in Scotland.

hahaha go on the Celtic.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004
The greatest football team ever...
Man I wish I could play for Celtic
by DirtyFern March 29, 2005
A scottish footie team, supported largely by the Irish Catholic, community whos supporters are far more open warm and friendly than the bigotted bastards who support Rangers.
For a good evening out watch Celtic play on TV in a Dublin pub.
by black flag June 02, 2004
1) An ancient race of people, who used to inhabit Great Britain prior to the Roman and Saxon invaders. The race was, like most ancient races wiped out by intermarriage between the many different inhabitants of Great Britain. These included, The Anglo's, Saxons, Jutes, Picts, Scots, Danes, Gauls, Roman Britons, Normans and Celts etc. There are probably others to. The languages of these races have survived to this day mainly due to a strange belief that it will improve the life of the people of Wales, Scotland, Ulster and Ireland. As well as a nostalgia for a period that is poorly recorded and was not at all romantic. Its main purpose as a language (there are many versions) is to give nationalists something to do, to waste education money trying to restart a dead language that was dead for a reason, and finally to really annoy English tourists with names they cant even pronounce.

2) A Scottish football team that for some reason thinks its Irish
1) Celtic-blah blah blah...dribble, spit
English-Just across the road

2)I live in scotland, I've never been to Ireland but I'm going to tell them what their doing wrong and try to stir up trouble because it wont effect me
by wiggy1988 November 01, 2006
The only cup to be awarded by FIFA - Best Fans in the world Award.

Set the world record for most fans going overseas for a football match
"80,000 fans went to Seville 2003 for UEFA Cup final - 0 arrests"
by Sean M June 05, 2005

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