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Additionally, many historians and linguists believe that the Basque people of northern Spain and Portugal are also Celts -- base on their language, music and culture. Additionally, the Irish occasionally refer to themselves as the decendants of the Sons of Mil -- who came from Spain. So it's very likely that the Celts came from Greece via Spain -- and left a tribe there.
The Basque language is most likely Celtic in origin.
by LaFuerte May 25, 2006
Glasgow Celtic FC: Football/Soccer team supported by mainly Scottish catholics (with or without irish decent, although commonly with) and every plastic paddy around the globe. Fans of this team often sing pro IRA songs. Now Pro- Irish Republican Songs are not really offensive to most like minded Rangers fans and indeed non rangers/celtic fans in scotland, however, pro -IRA/terrorist stuff is!!!!
Glasgow Celtic FC: founded by an irish monk in glasgow to help support poor irish immigrants in 1888.
GCFC: claim to be a scottish side however youd be hard pushed to find any of their fans flying the blue and white saltire at their stadium (the scottish flag for those of you who are thick or just american) instead it is a sea of tricolours (rep of ireland flags) and other irish flags. It's particuarly strange and I suppose sad that a sizeable portion of these guys have little or no irish blood in them, being scottish catholics of scottish blood. Ok most catholics in scotland now are of irish decent but it wasnt always that way. (see definitions of Scotland by bigmanofscotland for more info on this)
What it is I am saying is that it is ok to fly the odd irish flag if u happen to be one of those paddies who get the ferry over for the celtic games every weekend to keep the "culture" or "heritage" of the club alive but for gods sake not if ur anyone else. However if u do then ur just the same as the rest of the worlds plastic paddies: like the ones in the US for example who go to see celtic play when their in town because its an IRISH thing to do. So thats why GCFC is not a scottish team and thus why they are disliked and found irritating at the least.

PS. thankyou NEW ENGLAND REVS for inventing the great chant "where in ireland is glasgow" = GENIUS, spot on and well done. thats all i can say.
Celtic, Ireland, Irish, Plastic paddies, catholic, scotland,
by Big Man of Scotland August 04, 2006
Celtic FC are the most famous football club in Scotland with the largest following and the biggest football stadium in the country with a 60,800 capacity. They are Scotland's wealthiest football club and the first British team to win the European Cup. The club has always been a non-sectarian institution who are open to all.

Many Celtic supporters are of Irish Catholic origin and the club itself was formed in 1888 to provide funds for Irish immigrants in the late 19th century. This is why the team's colours are green and white.

Celtic fans have an excellent reputation throughout the world for good sporting behavior and were awarded the FIFA and UEFA Fair Play Awards in 2003 for their excellent conduct at the UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

Celtic form one half of the "Old Firm", the other half being Glasgow Rangers (a club which excluded all Catholics for 116 years before being threatened with expulsion from European competition if they did not end their sectarian signing policy).
"Oh Hampden in the sun, Celtic 7 Rangers 1" is a line from a song celebrating the most famous Old Firm derby match ever played. The 1957 League Cup final in which Celtic destroyed their rivals 7-1. It remains the greatest margin of victory in an official Old Firm derby and is the record margin of victory for a British cup final.
by The Glasgow Historian January 22, 2010

The Glasgow home team , Share an anthem with Liverpool fc "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Were founded by an Irish Marist in 1888 , they are currently 1st in the Scottish Premier League ,
Chairman Brian Quinn
Manager Gordon Strachan .
they're nicknames are Bhoys , Hoops , Celts , Tic
Celtic are Glasgows Catholic Football team where as they're 'rival' Rangers are they're Protestant team .
Celtic hold the record for the highest score in a domestic cup final: Celtic 7 - 1 Rangers
Celtic people. Originally from Indo-Europe (NOT wales/scotland/ireland), a great civilisation who at one point, owned most of Europe & even had conflicts with the Roman empire. In fact, the most popular known celtic countries are now Ireland, Scotland and Wales, when in fact, the picts, scoti & angles also settled in scotland, the Celts also settled in England, where many celtic graves can be found, whilst NONE have been found in Ireland. Many beliefs that the greeks named the Celts, meaning "The Hidden people", not the secret people or anything else, there's also belief that the Celts called themself that even before that. The main downfall of the Celts were leadership skills, reason being why they pretty much disapeared from existence.
Celtic people were Celts.
by iknowmanythings July 22, 2010
Based in Glasgow and are the best football team in the world. Has won the Scottish Premier League 3 years in a row and will extend that in years to come. Won the European Cup, Scottich Premier League and Scottish Cup all in the year 1967 with there best team which is known as the Lisbon Lions .Rivals of Glasgow Rangers who are just plain and simply GAY.
Hey how did the race for the Scottish League end up??

O Celtic won because the Gers choaked as usual!!

Hey dident Rangers lose to St Petersberg in the UEFA Cup afew days before???

As i said, they Choaked AS USUAL
by Peter Nus May 24, 2008
i just need to say that ppl who say "seltic" are fucking morons. its pronounced "KELTIC" you fucking bastardizing motherfuckers
"keltic" ok? its pronounced "KELTIC"!!
by Joseph O June 17, 2005