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First things first:

1) Its pronounced Kel-tic not Sel-tic (unless you're reffering to the Scottish soccer team or the U.S. basketball team)

2) Whoever wrote the definition that says the celts were 'the white race in ancient times' is a frickin MORON!!!! Yes, The Celts lived in France... but they were driven west by THE FRANKS! (d'oh) Yes, the celts lived in England...but they were driven west and north by the ANGLES and the Saxons! There are tons of 'white people' who don't descend from the celts at all i.e. the germans, italians, english, spanish, dutch, finnish, norwegians, swedes, dannish, russians, polish, and pretty much every other 'white' group other than the six celtic nations! That person really needs to learn their history cuz they don't have a f'''ing clue what Celtic means! (:

Now for the actual definition: There are six 'Celtic' Nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and the isle of Man. The Celts have a unique culture and their languages (although endangered) ring with a unique poetry that often contains an element of the tolkienesque. The republic of Ireland is the only independent Celtic state. There are two main linguistic sub-groups within the 'Celtic' cultures:
Brythonic Celts: The Welsh, Cornish, and people from the Bretagne penninsula
Goidelic(Gaelic) Celts: The Irish, The Scots and the Manx.
Moron: The Celts were the White race in ancient times!

Irish Celt: Pogue ma thone! we have nothing to do with those fricken sasenachs! (Sasenach being the Irish and Scottish gaelic word for a "Saxon" or Englishman. The English are NOT Celtic. They are Anglo-Saxons!
by CuChulainn May 03, 2006
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