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Someone who is so behind in times, technology, trends, styles, fads, popular culture, etc., that you would think that they are a caveman from the Stone Age.
Person 1: *comes to school in a loincloth*

Person 2: A loincloth? That was last week's fad! This week's all "about spacesuits... Get with the progam, Caveman!"
by Introducing Organisms March 15, 2010
6 18
Someone rolling so hard that they take on the appearance and behavior of a cave person. This may include:
1. scratching yourself
2. having a lazy eye
3. going cross eyed completely
4. bumping into strangers, and angering them in the process
5. pouring water onto strangers
6. missing your mouth when trying to drink and in turn, soaking yourself
7. hugging strangers
8. swinging arms wildly when walking
9. sticking your hands down your pants for extended periods of time
10. losing the ability to speak english, instead words come out slurred
11. embarrassing your friends
"I can't even be around Nick right now, he's being such a caveman!"
by kateleigh November 26, 2009
13 25
My Hero, known as a twitch freak, that hums down our schools halways, and pretends that he is a plane, we think hes a teacher but he isn't. A grade 12 student. He's Hairy as hell!
hairy beast caveman
by Mides November 19, 2008
11 23
Even the mighy Henzy bows down to the man from the caves.
Henzy wants to be cavey, but cant so he bows down and accepts cavey's rule, and brings me food...
by cavey August 24, 2004
2 14
A Neanderthal, an earlier form of the homo sapiens species. Evolved eventually into what we are today. Characterized by a sloping forehead and an overhanging brow. Normally remains are found in northern regions.
Tait Sougstad resembles a caveman, with his sloping forehead and overhanging brow. But he is still sexy.
by Megz n Denzer July 09, 2004
20 34
a lower social order that consists mostly of gang maulings of the fat kid and shouting abuse at those higher up in the order see example, see human scum
unluckily most of my year consist of cavemen and jocks
C1:"oi uhhg ooii hughuu!!"
Me:"what the fuck?!, help! i think this one likes me!!"
C2:"ugg arrg ohhg uh!"
Me:"you guys sure are ugly fucks ain't ya"
by hex_ten December 01, 2003
32 51