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A mean girl who has freckles on her face, with a pixie hair cut green eyes, and is obsessed with the game 2048, like literally cannot live without it. She also has a craving for pickles with barbecue sauce and longs to make the Mathletes. Carolines can sometimes be coo-coo
Oh, Caroline, stop playing 2048
by a;sdofijsao;dfilcjk April 09, 2014
A girl who struts ass better than anyone in the world
Sam: What's that Caroline doing?
Alex: Oh, she's over there strutting ass.
Sam: Pretty epic!
Alex: Yeah she does it better than ANYONE. She is a champion, she goes hard in the paint, she's durilis!
by Old Man STA December 14, 2010
She is the sweetest most caring girl in the entire world. Also, not only is she super amazing and smart, she is fun and outgoing. Every boy wants to date her and alot of girls are jealous of her. If you wanted a name to describe perfection, just use the name Caroline!
"Angels should all be named Caroline"
"Boy:Wow did you just see Caroline !?!?! She is looking amazing as always."
by hunkmunk September 14, 2013
caroline's love their brother ;)
Caroline: i love you, brother ;)
Brother: i love you too, sister ;)
by omnomnomnoooooooooooooooooom June 23, 2013
A super fly chick... all the girls love her and all the guys want her. She has huge noons and a huge ass and is classier than a slut. Everyone loves her.
Stan- O look how cute caroline looks today
Anne- YA she's so nice
by thewordofthewise4reeelz April 22, 2011
Caroline is an amazing girl, with brown hair, green eyes, and little freckles one her nose.
She is super cute
Loves shopping
loves Starbucks
She has had many broken hearts, and she is looking for some boy that wont break her heart
Caroline is the sweetest girl in the world
She may be a bitch to people, but she just wants attention

Hoe bitchslutMany names shes been called.
Caroline doesn't care tho.

The song roses is the complete opposite of caroline!
Caroline is amazing
by Fabxxforxxeverxx July 25, 2014
A bitch who needs a lot of attention, seems nice to the world but has a different personality no one knows about. Tends to keeps to her self a is a back stabber.
"Hey you see that girl right there?"
"You mean Caroline?"
"Yeah I heard she's a bitch."
by Real_names_ October 06, 2013