A girl with beautiful blonde hair, green eyes, and a killer figure. She has nice hips and loves to sing. She has the best portal of light and sometimes gets A.D.D. She will treat you with the highest of respect and will be very hard to get. Marriage Material.
I can see myself marrying Caroline.
by Mr. Tiggles September 12, 2010
The best human being in the entire world. All of the boys are obsessed with her and chase her everywhere. Caroline is very nice, hot, funny, beautiful, and overall amazing. You should learn to be more like her. She is the most popular kid who loves to strut down the halls in school. Old-or-young, you'll always love Caroline. She is absolute perfection.
Caroline had a fine looking booty.
by Poop December 18, 2014
caroline's love their brother ;)
Caroline: i love you, brother ;)
Brother: i love you too, sister ;)
by omnomnomnoooooooooooooooooom June 23, 2013
A girl who struts ass better than anyone in the world
Sam: What's that Caroline doing?
Alex: Oh, she's over there strutting ass.
Sam: Pretty epic!
Alex: Yeah she does it better than ANYONE. She is a champion, she goes hard in the paint, she's durilis!
by Old Man STA December 14, 2010
Caroline is a girl filled with laughter, smart and funny, she is kind to other people but can be bossy too
See that girl helping Sarah pick her books up, she's a Caroline
by qwerty00027 December 17, 2014
A beautiful women, with a very outgoing personality and great taste in men. Caroline's usually are preppy and have an interest for sailing. If you have met this very preppy outgoing girl consider yourself lucky.
Look how preppy she is she's a real Caroline
by Alexscott10 January 07, 2015
Caroline is the most kind, athletic, prettiest, most talkative person you will ever meet. She is FINE. Everybody loves her. She is funny and a really great chef. She is hot and has many friend. She is the definition of perfect. She has a really great body!
Whoa is that a Caroline cause she is perfect!
by Brian3jones December 16, 2014
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