a svelte (gracefully slender) hotty. One who is very athletic and strong despite her petite frame. A very motivational person who enjoys yelling into microphones. Sometimes crazy. She also typically is attracted to men of african descent.
"Whoa man did you see that skinny girl doing like 50 pullups nonstop? She must be a Caroline!"
by Jett Leee December 30, 2009
A gorgoeus girl who is super fun!

Caroline's just love to have fun! They like to make people happy which can sometimes be a bad thing. Caroline is a peppy and exciting girl who everyone wants to be friends with. She is kind, understanding, and one of the best friends anyone could ask for! Caroline's typically are short, but don't let their size fool you because they have SO MUCH ENERGY! Most Caroline's are very artistic and can be dancers, singers, and artists.
Caroline is in a particularly energetic mood today.
by bbb83 April 29, 2013
a beautiful woman that normally has a nice butt and a funny personality and loves to flirt all guys secretly want her and most girls hate her because their scared she will steal there man
amy- ugh i hate that bitch, caroline
john-look at carolines ASS
by me me me 23 August 04, 2011
A hot to trot girl with a amazing body and personality.she's the funniest person to be around with her hilarious laugh and histerical and witty jokes she pulls out. A party wouldn't be the same if a Caroline wasn't there, The guys are drooling for a Caroline,who would blame them. She's super generous,and is great in bed and will have very Beautiful babies. There's not a mean bone in her body.She's such a socialite and loves to be around everyone,is the most popular girl in the school,everyone loves her.
Greg: did you go to that party last week?
Me: Yeh it wasn't very good,Caroline wasn't there to lighten it up,she was out with her boyfriend.
Greg: Makes sense,only Caroline could get the hottest guy in the school.
Me: Yeh,it's wierd how everything brightens up when she's there, isn't it?
by Honestcitizenofamerica July 04, 2012
A beautiful girl with a wonderful heart. She is nice to all, warm and genuine, with a certain radiance that makes all those around her happier than they were before. She's talented and smart, and she's just the kind of girl you would want to be more than just the object of a series of hookups. She can make your whole world stop with just one smile, one word. Even though she's learning to love herself more and more each day, she's still insecure, and it's about goddamn time that someone told her just how beautiful and perfect she is.
"You gonna hook up with that skank, bro?"
"Nah, dude. I'm waiting for a Caroline."
by tbk July 11, 2013
A girl who speaks her mind and doesn't take shit. She'll tell it like it is and be be straight up with you. She's pretty and sweet and has blue eyes that are easy to get lost in. You'll fall hard for her and when she says she loves you she means it. She's pretty, smart and classy and any guy would be lucky to have her.
*Walking down hallway*
Caroline: Hey guys
Guys: *faint*
by Mega babe February 07, 2013
A girl with beautiful blonde hair, green eyes, and a killer figure. She has nice hips and loves to sing. She has the best portal of light and sometimes gets A.D.D. She will treat you with the highest of respect and will be very hard to get. Marriage Material.
I can see myself marrying Caroline.
by Mr. Tiggles September 12, 2010

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