Caroline is the most kind, athletic, prettiest, most talkative person you will ever meet. She is FINE. Everybody loves her. She is funny and a really great chef. She is hot and has many friend. She is the definition of perfect. She has a really great body!
Whoa is that a Caroline cause she is perfect!
by Brian3jones December 16, 2014
She's Caro-fine! Every body loves her and she hates most people in return, not because she's a bitch but because the people she hates are! She's so pretty and I would date her! I LOVE her and she loves all nice people! She's a great judge of character and is just over all awesome! She also has a nice ass and great boobs!
Is that Caroline?
Damn she's hot!
We kissed
No way! Lucky!!!!
by Bitch206 December 14, 2014
A girl who is amazing and funny and sweet and beautiful and cute and smart and amazing
Caroline is the most amazing girl ever
by nicholas2739 April 01, 2015
Caroline is a really hot chick. She is shy a lot but is really nice. All the boys like her a lot. She does not like to jump out at people but just play it cool. A caroline helps people out all the time. For some unknown reasons all carolines have freckles.
Wow good that girls so {hot} but she is so nice. Omg her name must be Caroline
by REal February 26, 2015
A strong beautiful girl with a big heart
Oh remember caroline

Yeah what a sweet girl
by Funkm479 February 22, 2015
Caroline is an amazing girl, with brown hair, green eyes, and little freckles one her nose.
She is super cute
Loves shopping
loves Starbucks
She has had many broken hearts, and she is looking for some boy that wont break her heart
Caroline is the sweetest girl in the world
She may be a bitch to people, but she just wants attention

Hoe bitchslutMany names shes been called.
Caroline doesn't care tho.

The song roses is the complete opposite of caroline!
Caroline is amazing
by Fabxxforxxeverxx July 25, 2014
A beautiful women who resembles an angel with her perfect eyes, face and smile. She stays positive and, and everyone wants her. Her perfect features warms everyone's heart. She also has the sweetest voice you will ever hear.
I wish I had a Caroline

Carolines are my type
by Bamboozle woozle op17 January 11, 2014

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