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NOT the definition for the word bitch.....
Hayden: I love caroline.
Laurie: Caroline's are bitches.
Hayden: Unless you know ALL the Caroline's in the world your wrong.
by July 10, 2009
373 278
A girl who is genuinly nice and smart. She is friends with all but doesn't give a f*** what people think about her. She is small but has a good figure. She is "tot sexy", german for drop dead sexy, and she knows how to own it
(trumpet sounds) Caroline has arrived. Bow down
by harrypotterishotter September 21, 2011
87 14
A name meaning "Strong woman" or "beautiful woman" and sometimes "proud leader", a feminine version of the name Charles.

Quite often shortened to Caz or Caro.

No two Caroline's are the same, the one I know is a complete angel, and another I have heard about is an arrogant and selfish person. Names are just names...

Quite an average one at that.
Man: Good evening madame, what is your name, pretty young lady?

Young lady: My name is Caroline, what's yours?

Man: My name is Raziel.

Caroline: Your name is so cool, no fair!

Raziel: Yes, quite. :)
by Raziel The Winged One September 15, 2009
159 90
This name is usually given to only the most beautiful girls. Carolines have the sexiest body and are really flexible ;) They have long gorgeous hair. All the girls want to be her, and all the guys want her. She makes an amazing girlfriend and even better wife.
That Caroline is the finest girl in the room.
by bluephant June 29, 2011
76 10
A beautiful girl. Lots of guys like her. She has a lot of friends. Loves every one that isn't her enemy. Always nice :). Laughs a lot! Doesn't have many enemies. Only enemies pick their nose then eat it. The enemies are usually mean too. Carolines are also awesome and cool!
guy 1: Hey did you just see that girl!

guy 2: Dang she's HOT!
guy 2's sister: Thats my best friend.
guy 3: is her name Caroline? She looks like one! Ahhh :).
guy 2's sister: Yes.
by :) traci (: December 28, 2010
83 20
a svelte (gracefully slender) hotty. One who is very athletic and strong despite her petite frame. A very motivational person who enjoys yelling into microphones. Sometimes crazy. She also typically is attracted to men of african descent.
"Whoa man did you see that skinny girl doing like 50 pullups nonstop? She must be a Caroline!"
by Jett Leee December 30, 2009
130 68
A sweet girl like the song by Neil Diamond describes. This name is of such a person who is sweet,caring,and loving. Very few flaws an loves being with their friend.
That sweet girl Caroline is my best friend
by TheRealDeal2011 April 08, 2011
73 14