Carolines are loud, but still quiet sometimes, girls with darkish blonde hair and blue eyes. They are never satisfied with themselves and often go to friends for help. Many Carolines are swimmers that like to train intensly. Carolines make best matches with Brady, Michael, and Luke. Also their sense of humour can be abrubt, Carolines love telling jokes. Men love her but most people hate her.
Marley: Ew! That Caroline is so self centered!
Lucas: Shes so amazing.
by alwaysoctoberhere January 11, 2015
A beautiful women who resembles an angel with her perfect eyes, face and smile. She stays positive and, and everyone wants her. Her perfect features warms everyone's heart. She also has the sweetest voice you will ever hear.
I wish I had a Caroline

Carolines are my type
by Bamboozle woozle op17 January 11, 2014
A mean girl who has freckles on her face, with a pixie hair cut green eyes, and is obsessed with the game 2048, like literally cannot live without it. She also has a craving for pickles with barbecue sauce and longs to make the Mathletes. Carolines can sometimes be coo-coo
Oh, Caroline, stop playing 2048
by a;sdofijsao;dfilcjk April 09, 2014
Caroline's are literally the sweetest girls ever! Their kind to everyone they see and can always put a smile on peoples faces! Their like the sunshine of the day! Most girls don't like Caroline's only because their jealous- mostly because they get a lot of guys! Caroline's also have a weird side to them...but only the people that she trusts gets to see that side of her. Caroline's are also really smart
by I_have_a_crush February 24, 2014
one of the best people you will ever meet. not so confident, but she doesn't know she's beautiful. and an awesome guitar player. also is obsessed with hockey.
Person 1: damn, who's that kick-ass guitar player?
Person 2: oh, that's just caroline.
by secretsandwiches December 07, 2012
A quiet girl who is very intelligent, but sometimes doubts herself. She is often ready for life's challenges, but doesn't realize it. Caroline has a close group of friends who care for her and support her. Caroline is a nice girl overall, and she doesn't realize how beautiful she is. Any guy would be lucky to date her.
John: Man, I wish I could walk up to Caroline and tell her I like her, but I'm too nervous.

Hamilton: It's okay, just take your time. You'll be ready eventually.
by Steirwhey to hevan June 20, 2014
Caroline is nice and funny, she will stick up for you and stand by your side. But most of all she is forgiving. You can lose her trust but if you show that you are sorry for what you have done, she can forgive you.
"Caroline is so nice."
by Cupquake9 May 09, 2014

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