A beautiful women who resembles an angel with her perfect eyes, face and smile. She stays positive and, and everyone wants her. Her perfect features warms everyone's heart. She also has the sweetest voice you will ever hear.
I wish I had a Caroline

Carolines are my type
by Bamboozle woozle op17 January 11, 2014
one of the best people you will ever meet. not so confident, but she doesn't know she's beautiful. and an awesome guitar player. also is obsessed with hockey.
Person 1: damn, who's that kick-ass guitar player?
Person 2: oh, that's just caroline.
by secretsandwiches December 07, 2012
Caroline's are literally the sweetest girls ever! Their kind to everyone they see and can always put a smile on peoples faces! Their like the sunshine of the day! Most girls don't like Caroline's only because their jealous- mostly because they get a lot of guys! Caroline's also have a weird side to them...but only the people that she trusts gets to see that side of her. Caroline's are also really smart
by I_have_a_crush February 24, 2014
A girl who fingers herself with a hairbrush while watching lesbian porn. Fucking Faggot
Caroline Tits
by SwaggyMaster180 March 15, 2015
A quiet girl who is very intelligent, but sometimes doubts herself. She is often ready for life's challenges, but doesn't realize it. Caroline has a close group of friends who care for her and support her. Caroline is a nice girl overall, and she doesn't realize how beautiful she is. Any guy would be lucky to date her.
John: Man, I wish I could walk up to Caroline and tell her I like her, but I'm too nervous.

Hamilton: It's okay, just take your time. You'll be ready eventually.
by peoplearestupidlikeme June 20, 2014
Caroline is nice and funny, she will stick up for you and stand by your side. But most of all she is forgiving. You can lose her trust but if you show that you are sorry for what you have done, she can forgive you.
"Caroline is so nice."
by Cupquake9 May 09, 2014
Carolines are usually extremely random. If you have her as a friend she will always make you laugh. Although, if you hurt yourself, she'll probably laugh, realize you're actually hurt, and then help you. Consider yourself lucky if you have a Caroline as a friend, as getting her to like you is a bit hard. Caroline will always make you laugh, even when you're feeling sad. From randomness and voice cracks and dinosaurs, you will generate many inside jokes together. She's slightly awkward at being social, but if you're her friend, you will be too. It's not a bad thing, of course. She enjoys being in her own bubble, but if she likes you, she'll let you come near her when she's in that one stage where she's like GET AWAY I'M IN MY OWN BUBBLE. She obsesses over boys she thinks are hot, so if you think you can deal with that, you can be friends with her. XD But overall, she is pretty nice and very pretty.
Caroline: *voice crack*
Evan: *laughs*
by call_the_amberlamps June 15, 2014

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