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A somewhat temperamental sister, who loves to sing Sweet Caroline at karaoke. She is extremely giggly and her laughter can be heard from miles on end.
Caroline! You like Nickleback !! Enough said.
by 23.11.1988 November 08, 2009
An awesome girl who's first name starts with C. This is the same letter that sounds like "see".
So I guess I'll be "Carolineing" you later!
by omginger123 October 10, 2010
One of the biggest bitches you'll ever meet. A Caroline is also a huge slut and will hook up with any guy she meets. Caroline will also be really mean to everyone and won't have very many friends. You can spot a Caroline because she will probably be avoided by everyone else. Don't trust a Caroline.
Kevin: Hey Morgan, did you talk to Caroline today?
Morgan: Ew, no I would never talk to Caroline.
by FunniestPeopleEver October 24, 2012
The girl that steals friends, and everyone pretends to be her friend, but on the inside they think she is a bitch.
Caroline: Hey guys, omgzyz, I love that top!
girl: Aww, thanks so much!!!
(caroline leaves)
Girl: What a bitch!
by Hedone G. January 12, 2012
The act of Demolishing Testicles
(Man 1) Blackest Al totally got Carolined last night!
(Man 2) Really?
(Man 1) Yeah, I heard he had to go to the hospital
(Man 2) Ohh My GOD!
(Man 1) Yeah, TWICE!
by Willie Billups April 13, 2010
Wow that girl is such a Caroline...
A really pretty girl who is cool and likes to skateboard!
Kaila: Yeah did you see that new girl skateboard?
Sonya:Yeah, she's just like a caroline or something!!
by Jordan Mitchell June 06, 2005