Top Definition
1) A hott shorty who isn't afraid to kick people in the ovaries while moshing to hardcore music

2) A headstrong midget

3)A sexy BITCH, Dam girl.
Me: Do your chocolate bliss balls hang low?

Melot: Yep that's Carmelle alright
by Coke-eye February 06, 2010
1) An unstoppable, immeasurable force of sexual ferocity. While shy at first, a Carmelle will unleash themselves upon you and you shall forget your own name. Also, Carmelles enjoy donuts, Dr. Who and coffee.

2) Wonder Woman

3) A female Vulcan

4) A bespectacled scientist
Did you see that Carmelle!?!? Holy S*** they are awesome!!!!
by Dr.C.Neil DeMencha June 25, 2014
A bitch with the worst attitude you could ever face. She is full of herself in all the wrong ways. A carmelle will whine and and become abusive if not given what she wants. avoid a carmelle as fast as you can.
Dude, what's with you today, stop being a carmelle you turd
by Dat1dude November 24, 2013

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