A Carl is somebody that doesn't give a SHIT about anything. No actually he will give SHIT to anybody. A Carl will take a shit in trash can at the Holiday Inn, then try to fling it around the room like a monkey. Carls enjoy letting friends watch him shit and take bets on places he will take a shit next. Carls are really dirty, they enjoy eating Doritos while they shit.
A Carl will also sleep with anything that has a Vagina. Be it a human, or animal speicies.
Hmmmm. This room smells really shitty.
Yeah, check the trash can, there's probably a Carl in it.
by Carl's Dads Dad March 08, 2010
Carl is pretty much a variable, and can mean almost anything.
1. a huge spiral crap in the toilet
2. taking a huge crap in the toilet
3. flirting with girls or guys
4. expressing great disgust
5. expresses great surprise
1. Go check out this Carl that i just laid in the toilet!
2. -Where is Mike?
-Oh he is Carling in the bathroom!
3. Tonight I am going to carl with my girlfriend at her house.
4. That was so much carl that I Natho couldn't eat that whole turkey neck! I paid to see that!
5. Oh my carl, did you see that?!?!
by Turkey neck May 09, 2006
A guy that does not care about anyone but himself. He is only looking out for number 1. Usually a jerk and with red hair and light skin.
Man that idiot is such a carl.
by Carrie112355 February 01, 2009
A non derogative slang for African Americans. Derived from many TV shoes in which a black man is named Carl.
Carl Winslow (Family Matters)
Carl (The Simpsons)

Founded in St. Petersburg, Fl.
That is one huge Carl.
by Def Dr. April 10, 2007
Usually used as the word for lances son. Or used as a term for pikey.
Oi dont be such a carl.
by Pakijon May 21, 2009
The name of any white trash retard who works at Jiffy Lube. Son of Mrs. Bag
Carl, gimme an oil change and some new wipers please.
by Caleb the pimp November 28, 2007
A useless person that's knows nothing about everything! Thinks he's always right!
Oh that Carl is chatting crap again.
by Jinmyd February 24, 2015

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