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A social outcast no one loves and has red hair. one is totally obvlious to life and cannot pick up women.
Just dont be a carl
No one loves a carl
by southparkbutterball September 17, 2010
A nickname for the rescued manatee at Seaworld that got its right fin cut off by a boat propeller after its mama manatee deserted it because it was mentally inept to live in the manatee world. "Carl" the manatee now stars in Seaworlds hit show "Freaks of the Sea" which has brought in a total income of $6 billion since it's debut in 1993, more than any Seaworld show in history. Some even call Carl the manatee the most lovable freak to ever swim the oceans blue.
"Aw, poor Carl can only swim in circles because he's missing a fin!"
by 673645tang April 02, 2009
A person who shits in elevators
"Look at that huge piece of shit in the elevator, Carl must have been here."
by Conamn83 April 09, 2010
to mistakenly defecate while attempting to fart. similar to a shart.
Ex. 1:
Alice: gross, what's that smell?
Nelson: oh my gosh, I think T.J. just carled!

Ex. 2:

obadiah tried to fart in class, but he felt something wet and runny slide down his leg. somebody stood up and yelled "OH MY GOD OBADIAH JUST CARLED!!"
by STRETCHEDanus March 24, 2010
Guys that have the name carl are generally assholes, jerks, and bitches to girls. They are very easy to be able to get into a fight with. They tend to think all girls are whores and are desperate. They usually have blonde hair and brown/green eyes.
girl: Ciarra, isn't Carl really hot?
by Tinky-winky March 21, 2009
Usually a name given to people with small genitals, A "Carl" is somebody who scrumps for a living and enjoys the smell of his own farts
Danny: Dude you farted
Chris: I know, I Carl'd it
by Pete R Harris August 19, 2009
To be slow or to move or speak in a less than normal speed
"oooooohhhhhh nooooooooooooooo"
"What a Carl"
by aaaaaaron June 12, 2007